Friday, 9 December 2016

December Photo Project :: Seven, Eight and Nine


Wake up and smell the coffee ... as in dealing with a post lunch, mid afternoon slump.  These magic beans did the trick and the rest of the day ran relatively smoothly ;-)

The Travellers

This image is interesting on two levels.

  Our friend and neighbour helps with the cleaning on a Thursday afternoon and she has taken to placing items in unusual places for the rest of us to find!  We had just arrived back from a trip out; a trip that included traffic delays due to road works, followed by a road traffic collision.  Not only were we delayed but re-routed, there was fog and I felt quite unwell by the end of the trip.  This image cheered me as did the slow cooker hot pot that awaited us on our arrival.

 The image also had me pondering about those misplaced, rejected, isolated and persecuted.  God knew what He was doing when He sent his only Son into a refugee family fleeing for safety.  He understands x 


 A quiet moment at the hairdressers and a chance to ponder.  Giving thanks for all that I do have and saying a prayer for this lady, her husband and their two year old daughter.  Amnesty International are highlighting her cause and messages of love and support can be sent to her via their website.
#bethechange  #loveinaction 

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dorinalouise said...

amnesty international is such a wonderful organization :)

the pilgrim coffee is so good!