Thursday, 24 November 2016

Planes, Trains and Dodgy Automobiles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara and Tom have spent the day with us and although their journey did not necessitate a plane or a train, their automobile conked out!  Thankfully they were only twenty minutes from our house and so whilst the last of the food was cooking in the oven I went to collect them :-)

Sausages and bacon, turkey and stuffing, sugared sweet potatoes, broccoli and wild rice baked casserole, all topped with cranberry sauce.

Caramel apple pie.  I switched up the pastry to a paleo based option consisting of ground almonds, butter and an egg.  The pastry formed a really good dough that was easily pressed into the pan.  All the recipes were courtesy of the Pioneer Woman, The Holiday Cookbook.

We are currently watching "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", hence the title of this post.  Dave and I first watched this film many years ago when it was first released and it is still just as funny :-)

In other news my website and shop is up and running:

Most of my time in between the home schooling I have been up in the loft room sewing:

One Christmas Rosie Rabbit lovingly handmade by me :-)

A knitted hat and poncho with a crochet trim, a blouse and pantaloons made from cotton and a bag that could easily hold a teeny tiny letter from Santa :-)

Felted Baboushka Dolls.

Lavender Gnomes.

The green and pink one on the left made an epic journey all the way to Idaho!!  A lovely friend that I got to know through a you tube channel and Instagram account saw them and ordered one straight away.  She then shared its arrival on her social media and someone else has enquired from over the pond :-)  Dave has announced that I'm in the export business, if only ;-)

I have missed popping by to catch up with friends but now that we seem to have settled into a better routine I'm hoping to be around more often ... here's looking at you, Ros!

Thankful for family, friendship, food and shelter x



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you -- even though this is not a British holiday. One of my students is British and he gets to experience his first American Thanksgiving this year :). A friend invited him and his brother over to celebrate. Do you know what is wrong with the car? So good you could pick them up. Your food looks yummy, do you have leftovers? We don't really.

    All your sewing is beautiful! So much love, skill, and taste shine forth from all the different items. Export business, so true! Dave must be very proud of you.

    1. P.s. I always thought "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin was funny, so I can imagine your film being funny too.

    2. The mechanic that towed the car reckoned it is the engine that is completely wrecked. Tom had a tricky time trying to actually drive the car safely onto a verge, the gearbox, steering wheel and brakes were a mess :-(

      Thank you for your lovely words regarding the handmade items. I would not have a shop without Dave, he built the website, took my ideas for a logo and made them a reality and has sorted out s system to generate invoices. The kids helped with the wrapping and posting and so I guess you could say it is truly a family business!

      We did not go crazy with dishes and sides but we do have leftovers for today!

      The Steve Martin film was great and yes the Father of The Bride was also good.

      Your big kids look like they are having a fab time in the big apple.

      Love to you all San and co xx

    3. So nice that Dave is helping out a lot. It must give him a feeling of accomplishment as well.

    4. P.S. I hope all the car troubles are over now.

  2. That pie looks SO delicious! And your handcrafted items are really lovely looking! {{hugs}} So sorry about the car troubles!

  3. San,

    Your website looks magnificent! I love your header. Did Dave draw it? I also love everything in your shop. I hope your business is very successful and lots of your beautiful handcrafted items will soon be flying in all directions across the world!

    1. Yes I had the idea and Dave used a cad package to create the logo.

      I am currently working on commissions! Play vestments for my friend's little boy and a Saint Therese outfit for an American girl doll :-) x

  4. Hello San, I'm always so impressed with your meals. You are an amazing cook. The pie dough sounds delicious and very easy. I have to try it one day. The Pioneer Woman has some good recipes. (Right now her lemon bars look very inviting!) I'm so glad you are doing better right now :) We've really been enjoying Jacqui Lawson's advent calendar. This sea one is my favorite. I actually feel such a happy sensation when I sit down and view the pretty sea scene each morning. It reminds me of my mom and dad's home out on Montauk :)

  5. P.S. So nice that Sara and Tom came to visit! I hope the car was fixed quickly :)

  6. You are so clever. All of these are utterly beautiful!xx


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