Monday, 5 December 2016

December Photo Project :: Day Five ~ The Tomten

Last year the rain and floods came and the power went out!  This year all has been calm and we even had blue skies today :-)  We wished Nanna H a Happy Birthday and Ben played the song on a keyboard app on his tablet!

Once the kids had settled and the house was still the Tomten came to help tidy around and fill the shoes with good things to eat, read and do.  This wee chap could not help himself and settled down for a spot of late night knitting ... 

 Happy St Nicholas Eve!


  1. What a cute picture! St. Nicholas will also come here soon :). Did you make the tomten? Do you know Astrid Lindgren's books with him?

    1. Yes I made him and his brother who was snuggled next to Pip probably three years ago. We have her book the Tomten, I wanted to buy the Christmas one but it is very expensive.

    2. Are the books out of print and that is the reason they are so expensive? There are also books by Ulf Stark and Sven Nordqvist about tomtens. Ulf Stark books are originally German.


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