Friday, 27 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Tick Tock

I was too tired to post yesterday's challenge here on the blog but I did upload my picture and the enclosed commentary on the facebook and instagram page:


Bang on time!  Punctuality could be my middle name and I get totally stressed if I am running late.  Today's post got me thinking about how easy it is for some to manage time keeping and for others it is an all round nightmare.

The post mentioned that habitual lateness can sometimes mean an inability to put others needs before your own but it can also mean that a person has a recognised disability such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.  So the next time you are hanging around waiting at a bus stop or feeling a lemon all alone at a restaurant table, spare a thought for those trying to make sense of the chaos inside their head.

As a result of my posting on FB a lady left a comment stating that as a result of reading my post she had decided to be more charitable towards some of her friends that are consistently late when meeting.  So my post had done its job in encouraging others to think of other possibilities beside an uncaring or selfish attitude.

  Benedict himself has all three of these difficulties and I witness daily how these impact not only on everyday life but also on his management of the diabetes.  Whereas most kids his age with diabetes are off doing their own thing, Benedict needs constant monitoring over and above the norm. He often forgets to check his bloods or give himself insulin and working out the maths behind each morsel of food is a major headache.

All of these conditions are hidden and it is only when a very able child is falling further and further behind does it become apparent that other factors are at play.  Knowing what I do know has helped me work out the best way forward for him and following set curriculums with copious amounts of writing and notetaking are a non starter.  We are working with a home made package of mainly practical work with the odd work book thrown in!  It is a case of mother and son working together, looking at the problems and trying to find the solutions.  It is not an easy journey but it is certainly an interesting one!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Farm Visit

Here are the pictures from our farm visit last week, which I had intended to post on Sunday but was too tired.

 Feeding the goats.

 Holding a silky bantam...

 ... and stroking a very large rabbit!

 A roaming emu.

 Feeding a hungry horse.

 A mummy sheep and her newly delivered lamb.

 Colouring before lunch.

A great day out!

The theme for today over at 40 Acts was generosity.  I am still pondering a way of blessing another person with one of my possessions and since I have just recently had a massive clear out, the charity shop option was not an option today!  If you are interested in today's challenge then click on here


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

#40Acts ~ Thankyou

Today's challenge was to say thankyou either verbally or written, so I decided to send this card to my brother-in-law and his partner:

They have been a great support over the years and this card says it all!  #40Acts  #sayingthanks

Monday, 23 February 2015

#40Acts ~ Giving Thanks

Our family challenge today was to give thanks.  Benedict's list included food(naturally!) warmth and a treat in a local cafe.  My list is as follows:

1. Thanks for Benedict and Pip.  These two keep me on my toes, they make me laugh, cry and every emotion in between!

2.  Four loads of laundry washed, dried and put away.

3.  A productive day in the home school.

4.  A decaf fairtrade latte and a shared fruit slice after a not so great diabetic appointment :-(

5.  A roaring fire on a very cold and rainy day.

Today's challenge:  Fair and Square

Saturday, 21 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Love Bomb

Today's challenge was to surprise someone and so we decided to love bomb our neighbours with chocolate rice krispie cakes!  It was great fun making them and then organising them into assorted sizes depending on the number of folk in the household.

Benedict came with me to distribute the treats and it was an opportunity to explain a little more about our challenge and the info on the packet would enable them to search on the internet if interested.
Of course the best person in giving surprises is God!  In fact Fr Gerry Hughes SJ wrote a book about a "God Of Surprises."  Even though we have only been following the challenges for just a few days, it is amazing that we have been able to bless others and provide support, friendship and encouragment at just the right moment, "It is in giving that we receive."
Take a look at today's video if you can, each day they get better and better and this one brought a tear to my eye, God is good!  Surprise!

#40 Acts ~ Clean It Up!

The kids' challenge was to change their bed linen and remake their beds.  Benedict stripped his bed upon waking and so I posted the photograph to my instagram page.  Within a short while, one of the 40 Acts team left a comment:

"Well done Benedict!  Not even 9am and he has already championed today's challenge!"

 Sleepy Head!

After breakfast Pip stripped her bed, loaded the washing machine and helped switch Benedict's sheets into the dryer.  It was then time for an adventure!  We took all of our plastic waste to the reclamation centre for recycling:

 Pip with our family friend.

"Oh no!  My hand is stuck!"

Our final challenge for the day was to pick up litter in the local neighbourhood, so we tackled the area around the children's play park:

 A Womble-ing Pip!

In between the recycling centre and litter picking we did manage a fun time at our local open farm, but I will blog about that hopefully on Sunday when we do not have any challenges :-)
Today's video link is even better than yesterday's and will appeal to the musical minded, The Clean Challenge  and if you would like to see the original salvage crew then look no further than The Wombles Of Wimbledon Common!  A favourite childhood show of mine and an Aunt very kindly made me a Madame Cholet as a Christmas present, I am sure she is still up in the loft at Mum and Dad's! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Be Generous :: Be Neighbourly

Yesterday's challenge was to write a blessing list for those we wish to bless in Lent and to also work on a generosity kit.  We decided to nominate the back pack project run by Mary's Meals as our generosity offering.  The kids also worked on decorating a giving jar.  The sunflower design is the logo attached to our local hospice and the money raised will be given to them at the end of Lent.

Whilst shopping this morning I plucked up the courage to speak to someone who I had not seen in over twelve years, I wasn't sure if she remembered me but she did!  It was good to share what had been happening in our respective families during that time.  I also managed to buy some potted primroses for another friend and we were able to bless her with a surprise when she came to visit later in the day:

By God's grace I was also able to support another friend in need.  It reminded me of all the times that friends have stepped in when we have hit a crisis and it was good to be on the giving side for a change.

If you have a few moments watch the video attached to today's challenge, it is priceless ... remember to watch right to the end as the camera kept rolling and it was just fab!  40 Acts Challenge Chinwag

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Dragon Came To Tea

Pip and I actually managed a short outing yesterday, we visited our local library and apart from choosing some books Pip joined in with some Chinese crafts for Chinese New Year.  This inspired her to make a dragon once we were home, so out came the craft supplies and with a modicum of direction from me she made her dragon mask:

We are still dealing with health hassles at this end.  Pip has been absent from school these past three weeks (four if you include our current half term break) since her recovery from the flu and the accompanying secondary complications has meant a protracted return to full health.

Benedict is now on his second virus in just under a month and has been confined to bed on and off these past few days.

Dave and I are trying to work out if food allergies are causing a dip in our combined health and so we are on an elimination diet.  I seem to be suffering the worse for withdrawal symptoms and have been laid low with a terrible headache, brain fog, exhaustion and depression since yesterday.  Dave seems to be holding his own, but I wonder if this is due to the specialist teas form the herbalist which are working on his liver and kidneys.  What I can say is that we are exhausted and in the past month have only slept through on two occasions, as we have  been disturbed by one or both of the kids.  Consistent lack of sleep does not equate to good health.

It is the start of lent tomorrow and we are hoping to undertake the activities suggested on this site  You never know I might just manage to post any completed challenges along the way :-)