Friday, 20 November 2015

Saying Goodbye

I haven't been here much this past year and several times I have debated whether to shut down the blog, but a spark has always remained I have managed to keep going, but not anymore.  Dave has had a massive MS relapse and in addition to attempting to provide an education for Benedict, supporting Pip through the daily woes of school and now the school run at either end of the day, providing meals, dealing with housework, working 16 hours a week to keep the Government happy and living with chronic pain, I am now involved in care tasks for Dave.

  We are currently awaiting input from occupational therapy, neuro physio therapists, a brain scan, possible steroid treatment and a referral to another MS specialist for assessment regarding disease modifying drugs. I struggle through most days and no longer want the added burden of sharing our life on line.

Thank you the stalwarts who have faithfully encouraged us from afar over the years, some of you have even become friends :-)  I will pop by and visit you when I can!

This blog will be left up in cyber space for a week and then I will set it to private.  I am hoping to have the content here transferred to "blurb" or something similar so that Benedict and Pip have a record of part of their childhood.

God Bless

San xx


ellie said...

Love and prayers, San. I am so sorry that Dave's MS is worsening. I will certainly miss your presence in my online village, but understand completely the need to step away. {{hugs}}

Eva said...

Very sad to see you go. I hope we won't loose touch. I hope all the new medical happenings will bring improvement. Love to all.

sustainablemum said...

Oh San I am so sorry. I have been thinking about you a lot since we last saw you. We missed you on Thursday but now I know why. Thinking of you all.

dorinalouise said...

Hello San, Yes, the blog is a wonderful journal and it's good you are attempting to keep it for the children. I'm glad you did a farewell post. Many people just stop and never give thought to an ending. Now we can all wish you well and focus on prayers for better health and support :) I will send you notes and emails and we can keep in touch. We love you all so much. Please tell Dave we are thinking of him and give a hug to Pip and Benedict . . and a hug to you too.

Sue Elvis said...


I am so sorry to hear about Dave's relapse. Life sounds very difficult for you at the moment. Blogging must seem like one thing too many to do. I understand your decision, but I will miss heading over here to enjoy your family stories and photos. We will, however, still keep in touch in other ways! I'm sure you and your children will treasue all the memories you have captured in this blog.

San, I keep you in my prayers, Sending you much love, Sue xxx