Monday, 23 November 2015

Looking for joy :: Hope

Still feeling numb with it all but we are slowly finding our new (hopefully temporary) normal.  As ever I run on practical mode and have worked out ways of making life easier, such as shutting down the back part of the downstairs so we now have the caravan table and dining chairs in the front room/schoolroom/playroom.  During the daytime we keep Dave company upstairs and then we gather downstairs for tea, after which it is back upstairs again!  It has been interesting to see Benedict settling earlier of an evening, I guess it is something I have always known, that he relies on the reassuring presence of a parent to help him settle at night :-)

Today Pip and I made our way over to our fortnightly "Little Flowers Group."  I am so blessed to know three lovely gals who exhibit such loving kindness and Pip loves spending time with her friends, it is a precious time. We are still studying St Monica and our memory verse is:

"For you are my hope, O Lord, my trust since my youth."

Psalm 71 v 5

The flower represented for hope is the ivy and it is a reminder to us that we need to cling to the Lord.  God is good!  He is using the lessons in the meetings to remind me that He truly is near and that we are not alone.  Such comfort, when little else makes sense right now.



  1. Beautiful leaves and beautiful smiles! Really nice work! So glad you found special friends with warm hearts to foster your own! How global we are :) chatting across the pond! We had very grey days for a whole week and I was thinking of your weather and realized how difficult it can be. I hope you've had some sunny days :) xoxo

    1. Yeah I love these transatlantic chats!! I have left comments on your recent posts :-).

      We have had rain again this evening but that's ok, I have friends here who provide plenty of sunshine xx

  2. I am glad you have found a way through, I am sure you will continue to do. I too hope that your new normal is temporary. I also hope that Benedict settling earlier gives you space and perhaps a little more rest?

  3. San,

    "For you are my hope, O Lord, my trust since my youth." God is sending you the words you need to hear right now. Isn't it amazing how He works? So glad to hear you have such precious friends to support you during this difficult time. xxx


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