Friday, 27 November 2015

Looking for joy :: Thankful

Dave was finally given the go ahead to start steroid treatment!  He has had eight doses in the last 36 hours and we have already noticed some improvements, he has managed to be downstairs twice today :-)

It is the weekend, so no school run for two whole days!!!  Totally relieved as
 I am totally exhausted.

A friend dropped off a casserole this morning and took with her a basket of ironing.  She has also kindly offered to sort out Pip's star costume for the school nativity play. 

I even managed our usual Thanksgiving meal as we remember and are thankful for friends both near and far:

Chicken and mushroom casserole, garlic carrots, cauliflower and potato mash with braised red cabbage.

 Pumpkin pie with dairy free vanilla ice cream.


So thankful for all your prayers and loving thoughts from afar, they have for sure held me together this week :-)  I even received some words of encouragement in the mail:

 "Wisdom for each day, Billy Graham" and ... 

 ... this card from my dear friend Jacqui  The parcel arrived at just the right time as I was beginning to despair with the petty bureaucracy within the NHS.  I even managed to chat with her on the phone and as usual the line was crystal clear :-)

 This welcome angel is pouring blessings down upon our home and is a much treasured card from my long standing friend Rondie, her hubby Carl and Son Jamie.  She is the one friend from my youth and she has supported me through thick and thin.  We were even pregnant at the same time with our big kids and so there is a fair bit of history between us :-)  She tells me that, she checks her email each morning and then pops on here to see what we have been up to!  

Extremely thankful that we held on to Benedict's spare insulin pump because yes, you guessed it the other one is currently waiting to be collected by courier this evening!  We telephoned to report a problem with the pump and a message was dispatched to the courier.  There was a six hour window and he is travelling from Birmingham which is not the greatest journey on a Friday evening :-(

So very thankful that the diabetes nurse answered her phone this afternoon and that she was able to email me all the relevant info regarding basal rates, insulin ratios and other info in order to programme the back up pump and then the new one.  So another crisis averted and please can I have just a little bit of boringly normal for a change?

Last but not least the biggest thanks go to my mum and dad for being there at the end of the phone on an almost daily basis.  Their love and prayers have sustained me through some very difficult moments and I am truly grateful xx


  1. Wonderful news, San! And what a delicious looking meal! Enjoy your weekend, San!

  2. That's great to hear. The steroids will make a big difference. So enjoyed chatting- hearing your lovely cheerful voice lifted my day xxx

  3. Oh what a relief for Dave and for you! I hope and pray these treatments help in the longer term as well as the short.

    Prayers and hugs


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