Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Looking for joy :: Comfort

The Challenges:

Dave still awaiting test results which will indicate the go ahead for steroid treatment.  The NHS wheels are running slowly and the relapse clock is ticking.

Pip crying and not wanting to go to school.

Benedict having a major grumble about pot washing and home school work.

My dealing with acute pain in my hip made worse on driving and general moving around.

The constant up and down stairs with drinks, meals, snacks and other needed items.

The Successes:

Benedict actually completed some school work, cue the hallelujah chorus!!  Design and Technology, English Literature and History were ticked off the list today :-)

I managed to take Pip to her swimming lesson and we even had time to have a drink and a snack in the tea rooms.

Benedict kept a watch on the tea and organised some extra frozen veggies as part of the meal.

I picked up the camera and recorded one good thing  during the day:

 Raw cacao hot chocolate, sweetened with coconut sugar and topped with mini marshmallows.



  1. Love this post. Each day has good and bad things :). Peter is having similar problems as you seem to be having. He went to see the chiropractor for bad neck pain (he could not turn his neck at all anymore). He is also having hip pain from all the constant driving back and forth to ballet classes far away. The chiropractor thought it was his IT-band. I have heard that bromelain is good for pain like that. Also, less coffee is supposed to help. And Traumeel (homeopathic) is supposed to be really good.

    Flora is sick right now and Veronika and Miriam also complained about a sore throat. But we do have a few days off for Thanksgiving. So I hope we will all get some rest.

    I am taking a good look at all our homeschooling work during this break. I am making lists where we need improvements. Highschoolers are a different kind of species. Sometimes I think they are not learning anything at all. So I do sympathize with your feelings about Benedict.

    Your hot chocolate looks wonderful (although I do not like marshmallows).

    Sending you good wishes and I hope the doctors will hurry.

    1. Sorry to read about Peter and thanks for sharing about possible helps. Hope that the kids who are sick recover quickly and thank you for sharing about home schooling high schoolers, it is good to know that I am not alone in this regard!

      We'll be taking our pumpkin pie out of the freezer today so that we can celebrate Thanksgiving with you and Dorina from our side of the pond!

      Love to you

      San x

    2. Thanks for celebrating with us.

  2. I enjoyed reading Eva's comment to you :) I hope everyone's hip and back pain goes away soon. I have sciatica on my left side that was rather bad for awhile but has been helped with daily morning exericses and making sure that I sit properly at the computer. Also, Eva's sentence about High Schoolers being a different species is so apropos. Chanda can get so huffy with me for checking in with her about her work schedule for the day . . but if I don't keep tabs she'll read all day . . and try to slip away with my phone any moment she can get. So when we can, we check things off too :) (Italian, Math-Khan Academy-, Violin, Physics . . etc)

    The hot chocolate looks delicious with the raw cacao and coconut sugar . . and I do like marshmallows ;)

    I hope the test results come in soon. Please give Dave our good thoughts and love.

    xoxo, Dorina

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. I cannot imagine Chanda getting huffy :-).

      We have pumpkin pie on standby for tomorrow and will raise a glass to special friends from across the pond!

      Love San xx

  3. It was lovely to chat today ;). Did you go out for lunch? Have you heard the budget? Hope it makes a difference to you :). So glad you have founds some ups in and amongst all those downs :).

    1. Thanks for telephoning it was much appreciated! Yes we did manage a trip out for lunch at Barton Grange :-) The budget cut at first glance looks to be good but I'm reading different reports that the government will still be making tax credit cuts via a loophole system, so I guess only time will tell.


  4. San,

    I once read a post on a photography blog about how taking photos can help us through the difficult times. We are forced to look carefully as we document the day. They also give us a record to look back on. So glad you found some positives in your day and a good thing to photograph. Suddenly I yearn for a cup of hot chocolate!


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