Sunday, 29 November 2015

Looking for joy :: Hygge

Hygge a Danish word pronounced (Hoo-gaa) cannot really be translated into one singular concept, it is a way of life; being kind to oneself, spending time with others and  slowing down and appreciating the little things.

The Danes are experts in introducing warmth into their surroundings not only from fire light and candles but also the use of natural materials such as wool and wood. Accents such as red, cream and silver finish the look quite admirably:

Good ol' Swedish christmas. How I love this! #swedishchristmas:  

This article explains in greater detail the whole concept of Hygge and  if you watch this video you will also see that hygge can be provided in the most unusual places and circumstances!  Just think what could happen if some of these tactics were employed worldwide :-)

I first came across hygge when I led the Shalom prayer meeting a few weeks ago. In addition to the talk I laid a table with our glass martinmas lantern, a tray of soul cakes and a church candle.  We were a small group that night and my friend Sallie suggested that we all draw near and she shared the concept of hygge ~ the gathering together almost in a huddle, around a source of light, a time to share and encourage.

I was truly struggling to find joy yesterday.  The past two weeks had caught up with me and I was not only struggling with my own health problems but exhausted as well.  I gathered my spirits and transformed what little energy I had into a mini baking session for the family and that whole concept of nourishment for the body as well as the soul has remained with me this weekend.  Looking for and experiencing hygge gave me the peace I needed and it is to this end that I share some pictures from our weekend:

 Best ever gluten free cheese scones!

 Red pepper, tomato,carrot and basil soup.

 Cheese and sweetcorn fritters for today's lunch served with a very tasty leek and potato soup courtesy of Benedict.

 Cosy, cluttered and convivial!
Benedict working on "scratch" computer programming; Pip and Dave working on a Christmas jigsaw. 

Hope you had a good weekend and Advent Blessings to you xx  


  1. San,

    Thank you for telling me about Hygge. "being kind to oneself, spending time with others and slowing down and appreciating the little things." That sounds just what we all need to do. I shall read the article and watch the video. Thank you for sharing the links!

    I've been trying to slow down too and notice things and give thanks at regular intervals. Life just whizzes along at too fast a pace if we let it.

    Oh my, I want to come to lunch yet again and share your delicious food!

    I'm glad you wre able to find peace over the weekend. Sending love xxxx

    1. Yes I wish you could come to lunch :-)

  2. To me that sounds like the German "Gemütlichkeit," also a word that does not exist in English. You were a busy cook and seeing Dave play with Pip is so sweet. Maybe you should think about celebrating St. Lucia with your family. Pip would be a lovely St. Lucia :)).

    1. Yes St Lucia day is the one feast we have yet to celebrate :-)

    2. It is coming up soon . . .

  3. I am not suprised you are exhausted but I am so glad that you managed to find a light somewhere inside of you. It is lovely to see a picture of Dave downstairs, I do hope you have found a new normal that doesn't run you ragged :).


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