Tuesday, 11 November 2014

MG Visit :: Sara 25th Birthday :: Martinmas

We had Mary Grace to stay over the weekend.  Kathryn had to work on the Saturday morning, so she dropped MG off on Friday night and then returned after finishing work.  It is quite tiring these days looking after a toddler ... I must be getting old :-)

 One very tired Ergo wearing Grandma ~ I had been up twice in the night!

On Sunday we all travelled to Grange for Sara's 25th birthday.  Tom's mum had made a lovely lunch of soups, salad and cheese.  We brought cakes and scones for dessert.

 Mixed winter salad with nuts and apricots and cheese.

 Mixed vegetable soup.

 MG, Kathryn and Sara wearing part of her birthday present from us, a snuggly black hat.

 The view from the lounge window!

 A yummy gluten free chocolate cake.

 Poppy the cat asleep in Mum W's knitting basket!

Today has been an at home day.  Pip should have been in school but after having got dressed and sorted for the day, she broke down and cried about how difficult school is, that it is work all the time, that she never gets a star in star assembly and basically sobbed for over half an hour.  So we made an executive decision to keep her at home.  She played with the coloured blocks and after lunch made her Martinmas Lantern:


 Lantern Making.

 Finished Lantern.

 Lit Lantern.

I also managed to make the kids a Martinmas gift of warm hats and I also bought them some much needed winter pyjamas!



  1. Beautiful knitting and such a pretty lantern! The cat is also so cute! Our Julius came with us when we went out with our lanterns. Happy birthday to Sara! How is your back doing with all this baby-wearing? I hope you are okay. I kind of miss those days when I was still wearing our babies.

    1. My back really struggles with baby wearing these days, so I am much relieved when Kath takes over and I am not having to be the sole carer! MG is a delight it is just my health that inhibits me these days!

    2. I sympathize. I don't know if I could carry a baby now the way I carried all mine when they were little.

  2. A wonderful post San, full of your lovely family. I love the hats you knitted for the children.

  3. Oh wow!! Your birthday cake is looking so delicious. I am also planning for a small birthday party for my daughter and for that I also want a similar cake. Please help me with your suggestions for both cake and best party venues in Houston.


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