Friday, 31 October 2014

Our Week Away

Despite my being ill again with another flu type virus, swollen glands and sore throat, we managed to have a lovely time with our family in Cumbria.  We stayed with Kath and MG.  The house has two bedrooms but Kath's room is huge and easily accomodates a king size bed with floor space for two sleeping bags, plus other bedroom furniture.  We took over her room and she bunked in with MG in the smaller room.

We spent a morning at the cinema to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2", not really mine or Pip's cup of tea, too noisy and the computer generated images were over bearing.  It is a miracle that Pip did not suffer any nightmares!  Benedict, Dave and his mum however enjoyed the film and it did the job of killing time on a very wet Tuesday morning!  Pip did have her treat that afternoon when the gals spent an afternoon crafting:

On Wednesday we took Dave's mum to a hospital appointment in Kendal, followed by a visit to Holker Hall.   We had thought we might partake in a halloween craft but it was getting late, so after a quick mad dash around the playground we all enjoyed a treat in the cafe:

 Conversation time with Nanna.

Yesterday was an at "home" day.  I think the constant being on the go and the packing, shopping and cooking had taken its toll and I slept on and off throughout the day.  I did manage to rally after tea and Dave and I went to visit some family members that we haven't seen in a while, it was lovely to catch up.

Today we had lunch with Nanna and Grandad H, popped by to see my parents in the afternoon and then made the most of the dry weather and spent some time at the beach:

 A silly beach "selfie", goodness knows how anyone manages to take a sensible shot of themselves!  Also extra long arms are needed to get everyone in the shot!!

 Playing a game of getting around the course without touching the ground and he succeeded!

 Working out a climbing tactic.

By now it was nearing tea time, so a sandwich and bagel tea was the order of the day and we lit our halloween pumpkin.  Mary was of course delighted with the funny face and kept saying pumpkin, pumpkin!  We left the lantern with Kath, so I am hoping it will get another lighting before the weekend is through:


  1. I'm sorry to hear you have been ill again, hope you're feeling better now. We have been away too to the wettest place in the country, a month of rain fell in two days!

  2. Happy Halloween! So nice you could see the ocean. It is cold here and snowed today. I love you pumpkin. It looks a bit shy :). I hope the time away from home helped you to get healthy again.

  3. The beach is just gorgeous! I can feel the freshness of the air in your pictures! I love the selfie one . . it's really very good. You caught a happy moment between the three of you. I hope you are feeling a little more rested and energetic. Traveling back and forth and running doctor errands can be very stressful and tiring. I'm glad you were able to sleep off and on. Sometimes daily naps can be very strengthening.


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