Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Crochet Therapy

After an epic fail of a neurology appointment, which necessitated setting the alarm for 6am and being out of the door by 7:30, followed by a stressful motorway drive in the pouring rain, I came home and for the first time ever really needed to craft.

  I have been following this clever lass  for some time now, I love her happy colourful place and she very kindly shares tutorials for free.  After three attempts I had mastered the triple layered flower  and very quickly moved on to the cosy striped blanketThe blanket is part of an autumn crochet along but I am not following her pattern entirely and have switched up the design ever so slightly.  Either way there is definitely something very soothing about working with a crochet hook and yarn; who'd a thought it, I am a #crochetaddict!!

 Joining in with Nicole over at Frontier Dreams


  1. Lovely colors! I'm sorry the appointment didn't go well. Crafting always makes me feel better too!

  2. Sorry to hear your appointment didn't go well. I still haven't mastered crochet but would love to learn. I love your flowers :)

  3. You always amaze how fast you learn new handwork techniques. Veronika is crocheting a pillow right now. She really likes it.

    I am getting the impression that the doctors you are consulting are not to your liking :). I have had many similar experiences and are often fed up with the "Gods in White" as we Germans sometimes call them :).

    1. "God's in white" we use this expression too! I must admit the consultant is genuinely kind and interested in the MS and also very supportive of alternative therapies. His hands are tied and so as a result he is unable to bend the rules and offer any disease modifying drugs and neuro protective drugs are a long way off from being licensed.

      Well done to Veronika with her crochet!

      San x

    2. That is too bad that the consultant cannot do what he thinks would be good. Now Veronika is knitting a hand puppet.

  4. Hello San, You're always in our prayers every night. I hope you can find a therapy soon that is effective.The crochet work is simply beautiful. Brightly striped blankets are so cheery. We send a big hug to all of you.


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