Sunday, 30 November 2014

This Week

It has been a busier week than usual, hence my absence from this space but here is a run through of the goings on at number twenty two:

Pip ~ on the whole she seems to be at peace about going to school; she has a really great friendship base and enjoys all aspects of her day.

However when she is very tired or unwell as was the case this past weekend, it is harder for her to manage the intensity of school and so on these days we find the "middle way" and go off in search of nature. So on Monday we had a lovely time together at Leighton Moss:

 A very cheeky Robin came to say "Hello" and was inches away from my feet but by the time I could locate the camera it had perched itself on the branch instead!

 Chatting to the ducks.

 Happy that we had almost reached our destination!

Whislt in the hide there was a great flurry of excitement as a Bittern had been spotted in amongst the reed beds.  We didn't see it but we did spot a Marsh Harrier instead!

 Colouring pictures in the education room.

 A lovely day and a great tonic for us both.

Benedict ~ We have had some real whacky diabetic readings of late, but don't ask me how we have managed it but his last three monthly blood averages were still within target range.  So for long term management that is good but the daily management of his medical needs is very exhausting and by the end of the week I am wiped.

We are still keeping on track with the curriculum but I have also been helping out where possible so that Dave can go off and chill out in the workshop or have rest time during the day.  Our viking craft this week has been a Jarls helmet:

 Early stages of the paper mache process and a shot of Dave's hand!  I will try and remember to take a photo of the completed craft.

He has however enjoyed some good contact time with friends this past week and was also able to take part in a community fund raiser with scouts.  Hooray!

San's Sweat Shop! ~ is slowly coming along.  I finally finished another batch of Japanese knot bags and I am glad because right now I am sick of making them!  To curb the frustration with the repetitive process I have been listening to some really great simple living podcasts and watching you tube videos!

In between the "work" crafting, I have been knitting for St Nicholas Day and I also made an Advent gift for Kath and Mary Grace, which required a whole heap of into the small hours crafting.  Photo's should be uploaded in the next day or so when I have had chance to upload them from the camera.

Christmas and Birthday Preparations ~ Christmas cooking  this year will be shared family affair.  I have been asked to make an old favourite, cashew and sage stuffing nut roast and mince pies.  Kath is organising the veg and sausages wrapped in bacon and my dad is making his famous baked ham and plum sauce.  There will also be cheese and biscuits and dessert for later in the day.  Boxing Day is usually all girls together with a trip to the beach and a warm up in costa, so we might just manage to pull it off again this year.

Pip's party will be on her birthday and hopefully will be a Christmas craft party and pizza lunch.  I have aimed for two hours and she only wants three friends from school, so it should work out OK.

Well that is me caught up!  1st December tomorrow!  I have the last part of my journey course on Tuesday which is icon painting at Hyning Monastery, there are three birthdays this week of family members and friends, Pip has a rainbow day camp at a "Winter Wonderland" and it is St Nicholas Day too.  Lots going on but all good.

Be Blessed San x


  1. Leighton Moss is a great place to venture out for the day! We would have been very jealous if you had seen a Bittern!

  2. Oh San, my eyes are rolling around in their sockets after reading all your birthday and holiday plans!!! They sound absolutely wonderful, but very busy! I need to get cracking on my Christmas plans . . I have some Christmas day knitting I've been trying to finish . . or was trying to finish before I began preparing for our homeschooling craft fair tomorrow. I hope I can pick it up again afterwards. I was supposed to do a lot of knitting in the car when we were driving to Connecticut, but I stared out of the window instead (it is a very pretty drive north). Lately, I've been getting queasy in the car when knitting. This is very annoying to me!

    You're a smart Mama to take the adventures outside with Pip :) What a beautiful place you live in. I love seeing the nature around you. And you must feel pleased that Benedict is keeping a good pace with his studies. I look forward to seeing the Viking project when completed!

    I best get some sleep! I hope you are too :) xoxoxo

    1. I always get car sick when I don't look out the window. I cannot read and knitting would be equally bad. Flora is the same, but all the others have no problems at all. I have never outgrown it. When we drove to the Advent spiral, we had to use a detour and I had to read a map (they had closed lots of bridges). I felt awful when I got out of the car. Peter told me I should not walk the spiral right away, but guess what, when I got there, they told me it was my turn. I had placed myself at the place that had to go next. (We had arrived five minutes late and I had no idea with which row they had started). After I had walked with Flora, I did not sit down and that helped a bit and the the bad feeling passed. I am so sorry to hear that you cannot knit in the car anymore.

  3. Jonathan would have enjoyed those birds. Too bad you could not take him along. You always wonder how I do what I do, but you do so much crafting and cooking/baking! I have not done anything like that in a long time. I used to do so much more, but all the college stuff has taken away any energy for crafts. I guess you cannot have it all. I have not even thought about what to cook for Christmas. First I will have all my students over for singing and eating (bought) cookies, then we have finals all week and only after that will I shift my attention to Christmas details. And of course there is the Nutcracker before all that.

    I guess I would be tired of those bags also when it feels like you are working in a factory.

    By the way, what is "costa"?

    1. Costa is a British version of Starbucks :-)

      I do hope that you manage some rest time in between now and when you finish college. The singing and cookie eating sounds wonderful.

      I have just spent an evening with my dear German friend and she was baking cookies for her students :-) She wraps up three classes this week, so that is a whole load of cookies, some Christmas decoration tutorials and singing in between now and the end of the week, phew! She has one week here in Lancaster and then travels back to Germany to be with her family. Her eldest son will be flying out from Australia to be with her too.

      Sending a hug

      San xx


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