Monday, 17 November 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

 We were greeted by a roaring log fire and Christmas Decorations!

 The promised treat a fruit juice and a packet of handmade crisps.

 A ride on the old fashioned roundabout...

 ... whilst I stopped to admire the blooms.

Then it was time for the main event!  We walked through the gate and crossed the road...

... and down the lane ...

 ... passed the river...

 ... and the funghi

 We admired the allotments and ...

 ... swished in the leaves.

 Nearly there!

 Destination Forest School! 

 This was Pip's treat at the end of a very tiring week. 
On the whole I believe that she enjoys school but they do push them hard and that is when she begins to wobble with the pressure, hence this visit to "Forest School."  She definitely misses getting out and about, so health permitting I am hoping to take her on a few more adventures before the turning of the year.

On our way home we sang the preschool song:

We are walking back to pre school,

We are walking back to pre school,

It's not far!  It's not far!

 We tried playing pooh sticks but I had not stopped and oberved the course of the river and the sticks floated away from us instead of under the bridge and out the other side, doh!

 Pip found a stick and played musical railings.

 I sang "The Holly and The Ivy" and Pip covered her ears!!  I didn't think my singing was that bad :-)

 As usual Miss Full of Beans, ran on ahead, passed the local primary school buildings and waited here for her ancient mum to catch up!

 Time to take a left turn and head down the main street and who should we meet?

 Kris coming out of her house!!  This really made our day!  We caught up on the preschool news and promised to let her know next time we were in the area.

 We walked down to the Institute and the pre school gardens.

 Looking very neat and tidy, unlike our garden!

 One final run about before heading home.

Pip and I had a lovely time together and I am glad that I was able to fulfill my promise to her at the end of a very tiring week.

If you want to read about a family that are really getting out and about then take a look here  I must admit it is mildly funny as this was a "pipe dream" of mine two years ago before Pip started school!  Sadly our combined lack of health really prevented this from happening, but I am pleased that this family are making a go of things and I will enjoy reading about their exploits along the way.


  1. It must be hard for you, knowing that she is finding school hard and 'too much'. I hope you can find some middle ground, a trip to Forest School sounds brilliant. We are lucky that one has started near(ish) to us and the children love going every week. Off to check out your link....

  2. Hello San, It's so beautiful by you! What a lovely outing you and Pip went on. My friend Janet used to always want to travel with her family too, but it was not to be :)

  3. This was probably a very good break for Pip. Flora does enjoy her ballet and her co-op classes, but I could never picture her doing real academic work at this point. Although she is six, she seems to much younger than the other four were at this age. I hope Pip will find a good balance, by the way, do you know the book "The Out-of-Sync Child"?


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