Tuesday, 14 October 2014


It is nearly nine in the evening and the house is enveloped in silence.  There are no pictures to share as I haven't taken any.  I think Dave is having an MS relapse which is not good, from his point as the person experiencing the daily struggles and from my view of having to watch him struggle and being powerless to do anything.  We have a neuro appointment scheduled for next Tuesday.

We have spent the last two weekends with Kath and Mary Grace.  The first so that she could work a weekend shift at work and the second so that she could visit some friends for a pizza supper and chat.  It was lovely to see them both, but the packing, unpacking and attempting to run things at this end has left me overwhelmed and exhausted.  I don't manage very well when I have to step outside "my box."

Depsite struggling with health issues and keeping up with the sewing work, we are still on task with the home school work.  It has been a blessing not having to "think or plan."  I check the schedule, dig out the work and we get on with it.  At long last, we have a system in place that works alongside the whackiness of our life!

I have a respite day tomorrow with a friend and since Dave is unwell, Sara and Tom are visiting, to help with the kids and make sure Dave is OK.  There visit will be such a blessing, as I have had this day planned since the beginning of the summer and it is a much needed chance for some quiet and peace.

You Tube videos have been a welcome distraction and The Art Assigment is just brilliant and definitely well worth watching.

My knitting and a hot milk are calling, love San x 


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Dave is not doing so well. I hope you can find peace and rest on your respite day. Thinking of you all.

  2. Thinking of you all San. Enjoy that knitting and hot milk - a favourite of mine too, especially on these rainy days! God bless you. Love Carly x

  3. Hello San,

    I'm sorry to hear that Dave is not doing well right now. We will keep him and all of you in our prayers. I'm glad Tom and Sara can come for the visit. I know what you mean about stepping out of your box . . transitioning from place to place takes a lot of energy, even though it's a visit to such beloved family members :) What a blessing it is to have the right homeschooling curriculum. That must be a wonderful solace for you and Benedict. You can still feel that sense of accomplishment even though you're tired and other things feel chaotic. I send all of you love and a special big hug to you. xoxo, Dorina

  4. Oh, having a respite day is so essential! I hope it was a lovely lovely day for you. So sorry to hear Dave is not doing well.

  5. Nine o'clock and quiet! I am jealous! I wish we would be able to achieve that, but once you have those teenagers, time patterns change. I get quiet times at 11 or 12 p.m. these days :). How is Dave doing? We will light a candle for him in church tomorrow.

    When I was little, we would always get raw milk warmed up with a tablespoon of homey and a tablespoon of butter to keep colds away. It must have done some good because I hardly was sick during the winter times when growing up.

    Has my package to you arrived? It should have by now.

    Love from the other end of NY.

    1. That nine o'clock was a one off!! Most nights it is gone ten before he settles and we are also experiencing diabetic turbulence, so the night's can certainly drag on :-(

      Dave is a bit more ambulent now that the virus has abated, but he is still not great. Thank you for your prayers. Benedict and I both got sick on Thursday, but our homeopath pin pointed two very good remedies and we are much improved on that score. I however am struggling with my back again, chasing around after MG did not help last weekend, so any movement at all is quite painful.

      There has been no sign of your package :-( Can it be tracked?

      Hope you enjoyed your October break, even though home school work and house work would have been top of your list!

      San xx

  6. Hope you manage to find more moments to rest easy San xxx
    With love to you all and hoping that Dave is rallying and feeling brighter soon.

    Love Lorna xxx


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