Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Sick Day Treat

This little fella flew all the way across a very large pond to get here ... thank you Eva!  I know you had purchased him a little while back, but in fact he was meant to arrive here today as he has cheered me up no end.

  You see it was really a case of "as one goes down the other goes up", so Dave is back to his pre virus ambulatory self and it was then my turn over the weekend to get sick!  First a twenty four hour fever, swollen glands and horrid headache, followed by my back going into spasm and where the slightest movement was incredibly painful.  I even resorted to taking codeine which is unlike me, still I am slowly on the mend and that is all that counts.

As a result of my predicament, Dave had to cancel the neurology appointment as neither of us were in a fit state to make the hour round trip journey.  His next appointment is in a fortnight although sometimes we wonder is it really worth it, since the likelihood of him being offered treatment is virtually nil!  In other countries disease modifying drugs are being offered to those with progressive MS, but over here NICE ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) or as I refer to them as NSN ( Not So Nice!) do not regard such use as a valid use of NHS money :-(

Apart from the lovely bird winging its way here, we did have one more silver lined cloud and that was from a lovely friend who collected Pip from school and took her to a local community centre  for a play and after school snack.  Sallie also very kindly made our tea, a delicious leek and potato gratin, with bacon and tomatoes.  All Dave had to do was cook sweet potato wedges as an accompaniment!  I think the codeine is definitely affecting my thought processing as I clean forgot to take a picture of the meal, beautifully arranged in a lovely blue glazed casserole dish!  Here instead is the meal combo on my plate just before eating, it was as good as it looked:

We found some kindling and  coal this evening, which is much appreciated as the temperature has dropped drastically.  Thank God for toasty warm feet and a cup of gluten free barley cup!  Night, night xx


  1. Oh dear! I hope you are all healed from e virus as soon as possible! Praying that Dave can recieve better care for his MS at his next appointment.

  2. The temperature has finally dropped here also, and I think in Tarrenz! (Morgana wrote that it was snowing!). The bird is just lovely!! I'm so glad you are doing better and a little bluebird brought some sunshine into your day. It's good you were so late, Eva :)

    Your dinner looks delicioso!! Sweet dreams dear San. xoxo, Dorina

  3. I guess the timing was right after all :))). He looks so cheerful in the picture and I hope he is singing every day for you. Flora thought you would like the color. Your weekend illness sounds really bizarre, all these things together. Good you are doing better now. I hope that there will be a chance for Dave to get those drugs. Could you buy them? Or are they so expensive you could not pay for them?

    Looking at your food makes me hungry.

    Love to you and the bird (and of course the family).

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you still struggling with illness. I also hope that you have some good news regarding Dave's treatment.


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