Friday, 24 October 2014

Flow Charts :: Red Door Cafe

Benedict has really taken a shine to the Information Technology component of his curriculum and in particular has had great fun with flow charts:

In addition to using the text book we have also downloaded the recommended "Flowol" software and he has had great fun actually manipulating a simulated traffic light system not far from Dave's brother in Somerset!

This last week of the school term has been really tough on Pip and every morning we have had tears before school.  All the kids are just plain exhausted and ready for a half term break.  Our traffic system is worse than ever at the moment and we often find ourselves taking the "scenic" route home!  It was on one such journey that we found out about "The Red Door" cafe in Halton and this was Pip's treat visit after a long week at school:

 The cafe is owned by a husband and wife team and they also run a small gallery from two side rooms off the main eating area. Aswell as her many other talents, Lynn painted the picture displayed above.

 Beautiful wool rugs.

 Pip with a much needed orange juice.

 Orange and Almond Cake ~ I made this for Chanda when she came to stay in the summer!

 A really good decaf latte served in a really nice willow mug.

 "Slow Food" ~ all the food is cooked on this gas fired AGA, which means Lynn is in the kitchen by 6am every morning! 

 AGA cooking is a real art and I commended her on her cakes, scones and pastries.  They also cater for gluten free including making home made bread, so I am sure we will be back for a lunch time treat before too long.


  1. The café does look nice. I hope that the traffic problems get fixed soon. We never have any traffic problems down here. But when we drive to the bigger towns and the cities, it does get complicated. Hopefully Pip will enjoy school again.

  2. It's so fun finding cafes like this. Chanda has raved about that cake, and about the chocolate one. We thought we had found the recipe, but then the website seems to have changed. Do you have a suggestion where we can find it?

    The blue willow mug is very pretty! My Mom had some blue willow plates when I was growing up. They're always so nice to see.


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