Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Rabbit Trail Continued

Today we visited St Cuthbert, we watched the video clip associated with the link, talked about the carved image of the Abbot found  in the church of St Mary's Holy Island and learnt that he became quite a celebrity after his death and was not only widely known up and down the country but as far away as Norway too!

Even today there is quite a following and you can wander in his footsteps along the pilgrim road affectionately known as St Cuthbert's Way.  Reading this reminded me of a someone I know who has walked part of this way and has adopted St Cuthbert as her patron and guide.

  I first became aware of Rachel Denton as a result of listening to a radio four programme about solitude early last year.  I have been fortunate to have the odd facebook conversation with her and supported her work where possible in the purchasing of her beautiful cards.  Like St Cuthbert she has made the choice to be a hermit and through reading the commentaries on her website, Benedict was able to learn more about this particular calling.  The word hermit was not knew to him, having read about the life of St Benedict last year.

We then read an excerpt about the Saxon Chronicles and a word appeared that was unfamiliar to us ~ Ides.  So off we went on a mini trail and were able to read from this information.  I did not know that Roman's counted backwards or that some months were considered unlucky.

Our last stop before finishing for the day was to visit here.  Benedict had fun completing the interactive quiz, taking part in a virtual dig and then choosing his piece of independent work which was ~ drawing a picture of a Saxon Shore Fort.


  1. Hello San, Cyber space travel :) I guess I was a little confused. The books look very interesting. Have you read the second one?

    You've been doing fun work! We've finished up Roman History here, and begun Medieval times. I wish we could visit some of those castles by you . . . . Did you get some sunshine the other day?

  2. Yes we did get sunshine! I showed Dave your comment about the phone app it made us smile! I meant to leave a reply but was distracted by the kids!

    Hope you are feeling better

    San xx

  3. Oh the wonders of home ed, being able to follow the road wherever it takes you. Wonderful journies you have had lately :)

  4. I showed this to Veronika (the links) and she really appreciated all the pictures. Even Miriam still remembers St. Cuthbert from our saint studies. Live Ed! really sticks.


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