Thursday, 20 February 2014

An almost end of the week round up { We Survived!}

It has been a *doozy* of a week, in fact there was one point where the only gal standing was Pip!  She was a much needed gopher! Dave was struggling to walk as I had effectively been flat on my back since Sunday and yesterday Benedict woke with a trapped nerve in his neck,  ouch.

I think for me Tuesday was my worst day and there was a "pity party" going on in the early evening but thanks to you tube and Joni Eareckson Tada I soon rallied and a smile appeared for the first time in over a week.  I still was on edge yesterday as I was due to see the GP not just about my back but another more worrying problem and I was relieved when things were not as black as they had first seemed, phew!  I've been given meds with a follow up in three weeks and for the first time in nearly a month, I actually woke up  feeling quite well.  The house has been put back in order and a peace has descended, hooray!  

We are hoping to catch up with some friends over the next few days and Sara and Tom have just arrived from Threave; they are hoping to take the kids out which is good as they've been stuck indoors all week.  It has been a most peculiar half term break for Pip!

Here are some late pictures of happy from last week:

 Cheese and bacon tart with butternut squash soup on a cold Valentine's day.

 Pip's butterfly craft from school.

 She earned her ice cream treat!  The start of the week was a rocky one at school but thankfully things improved and the promised reward at the end kept her going!

Blue Skies on a Sunday.

Here's hoping for a bit more normality around here!

Be Blessed x 

* Doozy means difficult/daunting courtesy of the Urban Dictionary.

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  1. I've been enjoying catching up with you . . I'm sorry to hear everyone has been so ill except for Pip! I'll say a prayer for good health to come your way . . I better get some sleep now and catch up more over the weekend. Greg keeps blabbering away to me and it's hard to concentrate. He's been working late these nights and I think he's overtired! Jack wakes us by 5 or 6 every morning wanting to eat . . ay yi yi . . xoxoxo . . (beautiful pics and delicious looking food!)


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