Tuesday, 3 December 2013

DPP :: Day Three ~ Nature Walk and Wolf House Gallery

Straight after breakfast we headed out for some fresh air and fun.  Benedict was feeling out of sorts, as he's still having daily multiple hypos (not good!) so it was just Pip and I out rambling along:

Making the most of the late autumn days and ...

... swishing through the leaves.

We walked past the farm and ...

... stopped to say "Hello!" to the sheep.

"Can't I climb in to get a closer look!"

"Help! I want to get down!"

Pretending to eat a Rosehip, I think :-)

Stopping to take a silly selfie!

We have reached our destination.

Simply Star Spangled.

Lemon Pistachio Cake.

Spooning Around.

Stars and ...

... more stars. 

Playing together, a rare moment now that they are growing up and that five year gap, seems like an insurmountable obstacle at times.

A pretend fire for the little house.

Chatting to mum about the neighbouring field.

Love the  path edging turned stepping blocks for the kids!

Trying to make a fire for the little house.

We might just pop back on St Nicholas Day!

A lunch time cat nap, all tired out.


  1. Hello San, I've been enjoying catching up with you. Your neighborhood is beautiful! It's so nice to see the pictures of the stone houses and the stone walls, Pip running through the leaves and playing with Benedict. A warm cafe is always a welcome destination! I agree that it's nice to cherish their playtime now :)

    The advent books look like a lot of fun. It's nice creating different holiday traditions. You're baking wonderful holiday treats. Everything looks so good: the poridgies (oats and white flour?) and the shortbread cookies. I agree with Eva that the cookies look so buttery, as if they would melt in your mouth :) Could you share the recipe when you have a moment?

    Good night, San. Enjoy the beginning of this special holiday time.

  2. Always a lovely walk, it's good to see those boots being used!


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