Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A late seven days posting!

Last week flew by and I had every good intention of popping in but life took over!  Despite tackling more coughs, colds, sore throats and continued hypos, we managed an interesting and varied week:

On Tuesday I was up early enough to catch an amazing sunrise from the loft.

In the afternoon we saw A Christmas Carol with our local home ed group, there were twenty eight of us in all:

After tea Benedict completed his story about the challenges of being a snowman and decorated the front cover of his book. 

Pip also worked on her own snowman craft with a little help from Sara:

 "Please Miss!"

 A silly moment.

Frosty Finished.

On Wednesday whilst Pip was at school and other family members were at Uncle Bernard's funeral, Benedict and I had a Christmas treat at Barton Grange:

 A lovely Christmas dinner complete with gluten free gravy and stuffing!

Angry Birds Star Wars reading.

On Thursday we collected the travelling nativity from school and read the Christmas story and said prayers for a pastor in need:

We also had a broken night with Pip, the first of many this past week:

On Friday Pip had her usual art lesson with Erika and I made peppermint bark in the afternoon:

On Saturday I spent the morning pyjama baking and these goodies plus the peppermint were enjoyed by all at our last make and cake of the year.

  Typical, I had decided against taking the big camera and swapped phones with Dave so I had no camera on hand to take pictures of our gathering, which was in a friend's kitchen as our usual venue had been double booked.  There was such a lovely atmosphere all of us crafting around the kitchen table.

On Sunday we had a planned visit from our friends in Walton - le - Dale and unexpected one from Dave's brother and his partner and Aunty Monica, they were on there way South having spent some time with family post funeral:

 Catherine, Aunty Monica and Andy.

Dave and Aunty Monica.

So I think that is me up to date!  Typically, Dave and I have been up since 5am coughing and spluttering and would you believe it, Pip has slept in!  It is 7:15 as I write and she is normally the early bird at 6am.  I'll leave you with some funny shots I found on my phone camera, I don't think Pip realised she had the camera switched on:


  1. Good morning, San. It sounds like you had a lovely and busy and tiring week :) Your sunrise pictures are especially beautiful. And "A Christmas Carol" looks like it was a lot of fun. What a nice homeschool holiday outing. And you certainly deserved that delicious dinner at Barton Grange. I love eating out at nice restaurants and cafes :) . . . I love the picture of Pip and Sara, and Benedict's story is very sweet. You did a lot this week, considering you were up with Pip! I remember nights like that . . with the girls jumping up and down on the bed . . Pip's pictures are funny and interesting!

  2. Wow! You've been super busy! Love that Christmas card. Oh and I too love to watch the sunrise from our loft. x

  3. What a madly busy week, sounds like a good time was had by all. Sorry to hear that your health is still suffering hope you are all well to enjoy next week :)

  4. Your capacity to 'just get on with it' is truly admirable San. We have lingering coughs and congestion here which is really affecting how we all rub along together. I'm hoping some of your get up and go mojo will rub off on me xx


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