Saturday, 7 December 2013

DPP :: Day Five and Six ~ Visiting and St Nicholas

Yesterday we visited family in Cumbria, it was not one of our usual trips as the sole purpose was to assist in the burial arrangements of Dave's Uncle Bernard.  He had been sick for many years and his health had begun to deteriorate quite markedly, yet despite this none of us had been prepared for so sudden a death. It looks like he died in his sleep and for that we are all grateful.

Whilst Dave and the others were trawling through paperwork, the kids and I went on a car ride to the coast road and then on to furness abbey for a look around.  We could not enter the grounds for it was near closing time and I did not have my Dad's resident pass which would have enabled a free entry for us all; mind you it was also blowing a gale and very cold, so we admired the ruins from the warmth of the car!

After our brief jaunt we called in to see Mum, Dad, Kath and Gracie:

Pip really enjoyed playing with her niece and the shape sorter box and I had loads of kisses and cuddles!  Mind you, this baba is a quick mover and doesn't sit still for long, she is an expert crawler!

It was St Nicholas Day today.  We were so tired last night that I did not remind the children to place their shoes in the hearth, but the good saint was kind and left a chocolate treat and the customary book in the bedrooms instead.  It was quite sweet listening to Pip's little squeals of excitement when she found her treasures including a note from the man himself. 

After Pip's art lesson and once the lunch pots had been cleared and washed, Benedict and Pip sat down to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" and afterwards we all enjoyed a steaming mug of cocoa and a small piece of chocolate:

As I type it is way past my bedtime and I am forcing myself to stay awake by knitting!  You've guessed it I am currently on Diabetes Watch!  In the past hour, I have ran several blood tests, completed an emergency sub cut injection to bring down dangerously high blood sugars and also stuck another needle in Benedict as a result of a full set change on the pump.  Poor guy he woke exhausted and feeling very sick and looking quite green.  Thankfully a cup of peppermint tea took the edge off the sickness and his blood sugars are slowly coming down.  With a bit of luck I should be in bed around half one!


  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day to all of you and a quick recovery to Benedict. My condolences to Dave's uncle passing away.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you all having a difficult time of it right now. My condolences to Dave. I do hope that you can find a reason for Benedict's continuing hypos it must be very worrying and tiring for you.

  3. Sorry to here about Dave's uncle - and Ben's problems. How lovely to see Grace - she is so big - and a beauty. xxx

  4. You are so amazing, San. I hope all is copacetic now at your house. Furness Abbey looks so beautiful. And Gracie is just the bee's knees. She's so adorable! So glad you got in a lot of hugs and kisses! I hope Mama is doing well too :) The girls also missed leaving out their shoes on the windowsill in their bedroom, but St. Nick still visited and left the shoes by the door with goodies. Much easier I think! (than having the poor fellow traipse into a dark room . . he's much too elderly for that sort of thing these days!)

    Happy St. Nick's Day!

  5. P.S. Sorry to hear about your Uncle Bernard . . xoxo

  6. P.P.S. Miracle on 34th Street is also one of our favorites which we watched after seeing the Thanksgiving Day Parade on the T.V. at my Mom and Dad's house :)


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