Monday, 9 December 2013

DPP :: Catching Up

I have been very good and managed to upload a shot for each day, straight onto the DPP Facebook page, so it's just a case of popping in here to update. albeit a little late!

We have had  grey weather at this end and as a result of that and ongoing coughs and colds, we were confined to barracks over the weekend.  We did however manage to venture forth to Silverdale for more wood and also offloaded several bags of items for the charity shop, as well as recycling at the tip:

Pip helping with the wood.

Toasty warm room on a cold winter's night.

On Sunday we sadly missed mass as I had been up late yet again with Benedict and woke with a trapped nerve in my back and neck, ouch!  So we read from our advent books, lit some candles and quietly worked at the table in the morning:

 The Kings are waiting in the wings.


Working on a Strega Nona picture, I showed her how to trace an outline and then she worked on filling in with colour. 

 The afternoon was filled with cooking and washing up a never ending supply of pots and pans.  We attempted to play a monopoly game but the kids were way to restless and it was big cheers all round when it was time to watch another Katie Morag episode!  I was quite relieved when bedtime rolled around last night!

Today we have actually had a major achievement and some work has been completed in the learning zone!  Benedict worked really hard with a story prompt and has produced some great work as a result.  We used mind mapping to brain dump ideas and then a graphic illustration to help him plan the story in greater detail.  He narrated the story to me and then set about copying out the first paragraph shown below:

 Planning Sheets.

Opening Paragraph.

I am off now to tidy up and make tea, toodle - pip!


  1. Great work, Benedict! How is Pip's cough? I love the three cheerful Wise Men.

    1. Pip is still coughing but back at school. I have swollen glands and a really painful throat and my neck and back are still painful, I have acupuncture and massage this morning thank God!

    2. I hope the acupuncture will help. I once tried it for a headache, but it didn't do the trick. Massage sounds wonderful!

  2. Hello San,

    I'm sorry to hear about your sore throat. I hope it gets better soon and that the acupuncture and massage helped.

    Your Sunday morning looked wonderfully peaceful and lovely :) I hope Benedict's nights are uneventful now, for at least a little while :). Pip grows cuter every day . . and your fire is so warming and cozy. What a beautiful holiday time you are having. I'm sitting here writing you at 6 pm, listening to my jazz piano christmas cd and getting ready to put dinner together in a minute. both morgana and chanda are at classes; morgana at guitar, and chanda at ballet. i'm so thankful that these classes are within walking distance. we really enjoy walking places. greg will soon be home from work . . and korrina stopped by for a bit to eat (!) before going off to stage manage her play.

    You've done good school work! We've been recuperating from last week and haven't done any. We've been listening to _Little Women_ and knitting. Perhaps I can say that we've been accomplishing English Literature! Sending all of you a big hug from all of us . . xoxo . .

  3. What a cosy looking log fire and what a cosy looking home! B's school work looks really interesting - and your planning pages even more so! I do love planning LOL.

    Hope you are feeling better soon San.

  4. I am always amazed at how you achieve, and I truly understand how it feels to function with a veil of illness hanging over the family! I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll be all well for next week which is extremely busy.
    Hope you manage to fight off the bugs, and Benedict has some better nights.
    Love Lorna xx


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