Monday, 11 November 2013

Time Passes

Despite Pip being at school, I still haven't nailed a set rhythm and consequently I am amazed at the weeks whizzing by.  At one point I had wondered if there was any need to keep this space running, but I do enjoy looking back and seeing how the kids have grown and changed and I do appreciate those dear friends who pop by and leave words of encouragement and love, so without further ado here is a round up of this past fortnight:

Pumpkin pancakes with pecan nuts and maple syrup and butter sauce, served with crème fraiche ~ yum.  We also made pumpkin spice muffins and the must have Halloween treat, pumpkin pie.
We made a trip to see the relatives and top on our list was plenty of hugs and kisses from this sweet gal:
 Growing up quickly, seven months already!


Grandad having a precious cuddle.
We had a lovely half term break when Pip was on holiday from school.  It was nice to plan our days, come and go as we pleased and most importantly for Pip to recharge her batteries!  We scooted along the prom, played in the park, had friends visit us and hung out at home.  On all Hallows Eve the rain poured, thunder raged and lightning flashed so we had no trick or treaters calling at the door, still we had our lantern and Benedict's workmanship to cheer:
What started off as this, became this ...
... an apple crate and then this ...
... a decorated tray for the soul cakes.
He had fun in the workshop, tinkering with left over bits of wood and most importantly working independently.  I have made a momentous decision to stop "teaching" Benedict, which is quite a thing for me since I value education so dearly, but my attempts to offer lessons and varied work activities were met with increased resistance and hatred on his part.  After much prayer and hand wringing, I felt that God was asking me to trust that all will be OK and that in reality Benedict can "get an education" at anytime in his life and that my relationship with him was worth far more than any educational philosophy or method.  So we are spending time together, walking, talking, cooking and crafting and it feels just fine.
We made chocolate caramel apples courtesy of Martha, but in all honestly I think next year I'll stick to a plain old chocolate topping:
Team Work.
Sweet and Crunchy.
Pip has been working on some learning tasks of her own and as a result gained an award for " all her kindness to others, helpfulness in class and trying to do her best at all times."  She received a certificate, a badge and a visit from Mousey for the weekend:

We sent this picture announcing the award to Nanna and Grandad Nelson and big sister Kathryn.
We had an interesting weekend with our unexpected house guest.  Mousey sat in on Pip's art lesson on Friday morning:

Waiting patiently for class to begin.
Pip's finished piece, "a clown cat" inspired by a piece by Paul Klee.  This particular task was originally aimed at grade three children, I must admit I was amazed at her work and actually thought that it had been drawn by her teacher!  It's going to be interesting to see how her art journey turns out as time passes.
On Saturday we Skyped Sara and she opened her birthday presents from us:

Knitted socks from me ~ the wool I bought from my trip to Yarndale in September, I've still yet to blog that event!  The wool was hand dyed and named as "Winter Rose."  These were just a token gift as we had bought clothes for Sara at the start of term.
Pip wrote a birthday message for Sara and drew her two pictures, one of a recent trip to the seaside and the other of a steam engine!

On Sunday Mousey came to church with us ( Hooray!  Hooray! we made mass, so grateful, Thank You God!)  Pip had a lovely time in the children's liturgy and held hands with her friend Beth from school, so sweet!  After lunch Benedict and Pip cleaned and tidied the playroom and watched a Tom and Jerry Film as a reward:

Mousey in the car on the way to church.
Late last night I was attending to some home work of my own, I had to document Mousey's travels in the home school book ready for Pip to take with her this morning!  The things we do for kids eh?!



  1. So many things going on for you all, I hope it is all good! Best wishes for letting go with the learning I hope it works for you both :)

  2. hello san,

    i love hearing about your days. i think you'll find with benedict that a more regulated learning will come and go. we have several homeschoolers here who strictly "unschool," but most do a little of everything . . even getting together for classes for certain months. where you are now is a good place, and it may be different in just a few months. morgana, chanda and i go back and forth with how organized we are. the main thing i try to remember is that we are always learning and that i don't want to be on the hard and fast track so many others are on. the girls are happy and that's what matters.

    i love benedict's wood working pieces. what a great crate and tray. it's nice that you have the space and the knowledge to work with wood in that way. we did a little bit . . enough to say they worked with wood! (whittling . . carving). and the apples look delicious. i love caramel apples, even though it sticks so terribly to my teeth! the pancakes look amazing too. i wish i could come over for breakfast!

    mousey is adorable and pip's smile says it all! i love her hello kitty coat too :) the drawing classes look so fun. i sent away for the watercolor book eva suggested. i'm looking forward to getting some good ideas and painting with morgana and chanda again.

    have fun writing about mousey's weekend! sara's socks are really pretty and your little granddaughter is just too precious. how i miss having a baby around (seven months already . . oh my goodness) . . i hope one day we are visited with such joy . . !

    lots of love to all of you,
    p.s. your kitchen looks so cozy!

  3. Wow, you certainly packed a lot into your fortnight! So many good things going on in your world - it's lovely to see. I particularly love the apple crate crafting, lots of smiley photos and the drool-worthy pumpkin pancakes :o)

  4. Oh what a lovely post San. I had plans to make toffee apples, which didn't materialize (probably just as well for my teeth!) but then there's always next year! Your ones look lovely, as do the pancakes :)

    Your home educating journey seems to be going on a similar path to ours...we've worked out that work books and the like just aren't working (too many 'works' I think!) and are taking it easier at the moment, trying to feel our way - 'unschooling' seems very reasonable and common sense right now. Still using the phonics and maths workbooks though, just not every day. We're all much happier like this! You hit the nail right on the head when you said that your relationship was most important, I so agree with this.

    With love & blessings,
    Carly xx

  5. Your first sentence could have been written by me :). I'm still working on a good rhythm, but it seems to be elusive. Right now I worry that Charlotte is not doing enough work, but I remember, I had the same feeling when Jonathan was in eight grade.

    So nice to see you all working and living! Is Gracie sitting or crawling yet? Such a big girl. Great woodwork projects!

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words. Gracie is sitting, crawling and pulling herself into a standing position next to furniture, she is one busy baby!!

  7. That is a busy baby and the pulling up is quite early I think.


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