Saturday, 30 November 2013

Barton Grange :: Visiting Friends

It's that time of year and the best place to experience over the top colour is our favourite eating and garden place, Barton Grange.  Naturally it was super busy on a Saturday but it was well worth working our way through the throng to marvel at the displays:


Barton Grange is celebrating 50 years in business so each tree represented each decade as you can see this one is dedicated to the nineties.  On the ceiling they also had pictures from that era, ranging from Princess Diana to Kylie Minogue!

Pretty in Pink and Purple.

Standing Guard.

The Kids Tree.

Snowman Plates.

Santa table display.

Santa in his workshop.

Pip totally enthralled by a moving Santa ~ oh to be a child again!  It was lovely to see her response of unbridled joy.

Our last Aunty Judith treat of the year ~ our Barton Grange gift card was such a treat and much appreciated.

Benedict having another hypo, his fifteenth in ten days!  There is no real pattern to them, so I definitely have some detective work cut out for me tonight!

Dave catching up on a much needed  forty winks!

Singing Snowmen.

Pip sitting on Mr Barton Grange.
After our trip we popped in on a surprise visit to Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan.  It has been ages since we have seen them and it was so lovely to catch up on news, deliver Aunty Maureen birthday's present for Tuesday.  Uncle Bry very kindly bought tea for us all ~ fish and chips and great they were too!

Trying out Pip's reindeer ears.

Aunty Maureen wearing the flashing nose!

This sums up our feelings of the day.

The Lord is so good a beautiful sunset at the days end.

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