Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Monday Walk and Martinmas Lantern

Since my epic decision to down the teaching tools, I have been able to focus on helping Benedict assume greater control of his own medical needs.  My phone was due an upgrade so after careful consideration we bought an iphone; this has enabled us to access a diabetes app and  for the first time ever he is engaging with his condition. 

 Part of this "education" is not only the input of  data but also partaking in regular exercise, so yesterday morning whilst Dave was loading the car with wood, Benedict and I took a brisk walk in the Silverdale area and our reward at the end was tea and cake at The Wolf House Gallery.  We made a similar walk last year with some friends, but the lass in question is a Duke of Edinburgh Assessor and keen hiker, so our walk with her took us over stiles and across fields.  I do not have any such experience so we stuck to the road route.  It was enjoyable all the same.

A Salted Caramel Blondie for Dave.

A gluten free cherry cake...

... and a chocolate and peanut butter brownie for Benedict and I to share.

Everything was home made so the co-owner who had done the baking was able to give us a list of all the carb related ingredients and we were able to work out the total carbs for each portion of cake, fab!
Today, we had a power outage so there was no minecraft time for Benedict and instead he worked on something far more productive, our Martinmas Lantern.  I can't believe it we are a day late, but the evenings seem to run away with us now that Pip is at school.  I am hoping Pip will decorate hers sometime tomorrow and that also we'll be able to buy some toiletries as a contribution to the homeless shelter later this week.

One Happy Chappy!


  1. Lantern looks good! I hope Pip gets hers done also and happy lantern walk! Why did you have a power outage?

  2. Workmen at the bottom of the road, it was good to be techno free for a while!

    1. Good it didn't last too long :).

  3. i love the end result of your outing! everything looks so good. and i'm glad you got the iphone to help out! martinmas just flew by us this year which makes me feel a little sad . . especially since i keep forgetting to have us sing a few songs together at the table while lighting their lanterns. my mind is just elsewhere and now i'm getting ready for chanda's birthday. benedict's lantern is just lovely. i really like the glass jars. we've had ours for years. and when we walked with them the light stayed lit very well.


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