Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Fun

These past two weeks I've been making a concerted effort and taking myself off on a camera walk, usually when Pip has her art lesson.  These shots were taken at Williamson Park last Friday:

 Front Façade of The Ashton Memorial
 Back View.
 Sweeping Staircase.
Autumn foliage.
A carpet of red.

A truly horrid history and a ...

... poignant epitaph ~ remembering.

Today I visited Hest Bank.  I walked along the shore and then part way along the canal:
A hazy view across the shore.

Exercise for all.
Paddling Away.

From the towpath and my favourite ...

... a smiley boat!
I was not the only one having fun and for the past fortnight Pip has worked on her own composition, a nativity scene for the school art competition.  Pip's year has not been included in the event, as they are only a reception class but Erika felt that her was good enough to be submitted:
Preparing and Pasting.

More glue, you can't have enough glue!

Background preparatory work completed.

A Happy Artist!

  Three kings, one star to steer by, one baby in a manger and his mummy kneeling close and two sheep racing ahead of the shepherds, having heard the good news from the angel!  But where is Joseph?  He's off collecting water from a well and will make an appearance before the date for submission, which is Monday!


  1. Beautiful photos and I love Pips artwork :)

  2. Hello San, What nice walks you've been going on! I love the leaves and the sweeping staircase, and the shore pics. Pip's artwork is colorful and lovely. I can't believe it's already holiday season! Sending much love . .

  3. What wonderful pictures! I love the ocean and I have always been saddened by all those witch hunts. It was the same in Germany. How warm is it now in your area?

    1. Today it is actually freezing the car windows were thick with ice. On Friday when I had my beach walk my hands were very cold holding the camera!

    2. So colder than it looks :).

  4. That sweeping staircase is stunning - as is your gorgeous smiley artist!


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