Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sunday Snippets

We finished the death mask on Friday and for a post lunch treat Pip made the date balls for afternoon tea:

 Dave is has found a way of attaching the mask to a wall and so the first artefact for the "Around the House Museum" will duly be installed :-)

On Saturday I spent the whole of the day in the loft working on items for the craft stall.  I also managed to make a handmade gift for an upcoming birthday and it was quite satisfying to see the completed project.  I have come to accept that making handmade items for sale will in my opinion never sustain a living wage.  However this form of work not only enables me to work to my own timetable, thus allowing for my own health needs it also means I can be at home to support my family.  Somethings in life such as flexibilty really are priceless.

On Friday the diabetes specialist nurse arrived at our home minus the all important laptop!  This meant that she was unable to make a fully qualified decision regarding Benedict's diabetes care and I was quietly apoplectic!  As a result some cursory changes were made and she is returning on Wednesday to undertake a full download of the sensor and pump information.  His diabetic readings are quite worrying, yesterday he had multiple hypos throughout the day and he was having a quiet day at home!  If he had been active there would have been a reason, but when these blips occur for no apparent reason it is quite baffling :-(

We missed church again this weekend, my health is just not  up to it at the moment.  By the time I have ferried Ben to college, taught Pip, attempted to keep on top of the house and undertake additional work hours, I'm worn out by the time Sunday rolls around.  We did have a lovely visit from long standing friends in the afternoon.  All the kids played together really well and Debbie and I had a quiet time knitting and chatting.  And before we know it, Monday rolls around once more!  All we need is some decent weather ;-)


  1. Isn't it funny how the daily rhythm can cause the weeks to go by so fast!? Sometimes it's good to plan unusual middle of the week trips or visits with friends, just to break things up, but of course I always get stressed by the out of the ordinary plans!

    "Around the House Museum" sounds so wonderful and I love the first artiefact! Pip and Dave did a great job.

    I can't believe the nurse arrived without the needed computer. How aggravating for you :( This is when you want the days to go by fast so Wednesday can arrive. I hope you can get things figured out.

    And I hope you feel better soon too. It's good you take the time to rest :) xoxoxo

  2. P.S. The coconut balls look so pretty and delicious on the blue willow plate!

  3. The date and coconut balls were really yummy and disappeared on the plate pretty quickly ;-) x

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  5. Oh I would have been so angry about the nurse visit! Gosh, I'm sorry :-( I hope and pray that he is holding steady and that tomorrow's visit is the full and proper one! {{hugs}} and prayers for you!

  6. Oh no, the nurse's visit sounds infuriating!!! Especially when his health seems so up in the air!
    Pip's artefact looks absolutely super!!!! I am so impressed! Ooh, what are you making for the Craft stall/fair? I'd love to see!xxx

  7. P.S.Sorry to hear you are so unwell. Sending hugs x


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