Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Kids In The Kitchen

Pip was almost flying solo in the kitchen this morning as she made Rock cakes for morning tea.  Today's activity was a chance to meld cooking and science rolled into one! 
 We have been following an American science curriculum entitled, "Considering God's Creation" a place where scientific principles and faith beautifully meet.  This week she has been learning about the formation of the universe, the big bang theory and that behind it all is a creator that loves each one of us dearly.  The hands that flung stars into space were the very same hands cruelly nailed to the cross beam on a tree.  And those very same hands have our names carved into His palm, such is His love for us.


  1. Rock cakes! Delicious. Those look REALLY good.

  2. Yes they were a total hit with one and all :-)

  3. The beautiful story and a wonderful morning :) I had to look up rock cakes as I wasn't familiar with them. Did you use other fruit besides raisins? They look very good xoxo


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