Thursday, 26 April 2018

Hands On History: Ancient Egypt

We decided to join in with a friend on a history unit study, so when we met on Tuesday the girls worked on a death mask of Tutankhamun:

 We also managed to paint the outer part of the headress which has now been glued in place, complete with crazy beard!  Pictures to follow tomorrow :-)

We found some really great short videos aimed at KS2 pupils including one about the types of food eaten by the ancient egyptians.  I remembered a really useful youtube and website called Pepper And Pine  And thanks to this site we made a really yummy meal for our tea:

Spicy Chicken,
 Lentil, onion, garlic and sultana stuffed cabbage leaves
 Baked potato ( not authentic I know) for some carb.

We had hoped to make the date balls for dessert but we were late returning home from college and food shopping.  However we are home based tomorrow so they are on the home school to do list :-)


dorinalouise said...

Oh, yum. Date balls sound good! This is such a fun unit! I was always intrigued by Tutankhamun and loved reading about him. In middle school I found a book on the library shelf by Lucile Morrison titled _The Lost Queen of Egypt_ which wove a tale surrounding him and Ankhsenamun, his wife. Pip is doing a great job with the death mask, and I remember so well how fun it was to explore foods of ancient times. Another favorite book was _Ancient Grains for Modern Meals_ by Maria Speck. I was able to find that in my library. Good luck with the date balls :) xoxo

Kezzie said...

The dinner looks very tasty! We have been eating our favourite dish- red lentil dhal with sweet potato and spinach!x