Thursday, 7 September 2017

Wheat Sheets

Thanks to Eva we have had several links emailed to us this week!  Our home school day consisted of morning work only as we were scheduled to meet with friends in the afternoon.  Despite this we still achieved a decent amount of work, it is surprising what you can do when you start work at 8am :-)

The following sheets were printed via this link 

Pip read from this sheet and we talked about some of the descriptive words used and the differences in spellings between American and British English.  The word 'dormant' sparked a mini rabbit trail of, "What native animals hibernate in the British Isles?"

The hedgehog and dormouse are the only two animals that hibernate fully during the winter months.
Flora has also been busy with her lessons and she was lucky enough to actually spot the 'Harvest Moon.'  
It's Fri-Yay tomorrow and I think an end of the school-week treat is in order! It will be interesting to see how next week unfolds :-) 


Silke Chatfield said...

Hi Sandra,
I love the drawings!
Do you live in the UK? I am also Homeschooling my 3 Smallest (11,8 and 6 year old boys and we live in Bristol.
Thank you for sharing


Sandra Ann said...

Hi Silke,
Thank you for stopping by, we live in the North West of the Uk in Lancashire.

Eva said...

San, please tell Pip that Flora really loves the hedgehog.

dorinalouise said...

Yes, I love the hedgehog too :) Such great work, and it's so nice to be working in tandem with Flora and Eva.

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