Saturday, 9 September 2017

A Birthday Celebration For Our Lady

It was Our Lady's birthday yesterday and we were all so pleased to finally attend mass.  It has been several months since we last made church due to the down-turn in my health, but so far I have stabilised this week, so all is good :-)  The mass was also offered for our daughter Emma, as we remembered the anniversary of her final profession four years ago:

 Oldest and youngest, who have only met twice!  Once when Pip was too small to remember at her christening and then here at the wedding.  Pip misses Em and sends her emails and the odd letter when she can.  

The kids helped set a nice table for Our Lady and we even lit the birthday ring in her honour:

 Salad, crackers and crisps followed by a hot chocolate and twirl flake bar :-)

After lunch Pip finished her study on wheat and decorated the front cover of her book:

 One farmer singing our harvest song and scattering the wheat from his satchel.

A really good first week back at school.


Eva said...

We read from our saint book for this day, but did not have a chance to celebrate. Everything looks so lovely! Pip must miss her sister! My little sister is 18 years younger and I also never really got to know her that much.

Sandra Ann said...

We all miss her but it is funny when they talk on the telephone it is as if they have never been apart. Emma's prayers keep us going for sure!

Kezzie said...

It's lovely to see Emma and Pip together. Where is Emma's convent based?
I love your Lady celebrations.

Re your comment, it would be lovely to meet you, I wish we lived nearer, it certainly would fun to meet! Xx

dorinalouise said...

Hugs San :) What a lovely celebration xoxo I love the pic of Pip and Emma.