Wednesday, 13 September 2017

First Day At College :: Home School On The Hoof

It has been eight years since Benedict stepped inside an educational establishment and so yesterday was a pretty momentous day.  He was both nervous and excited which I reckon was the best way to be.  The day was pretty full on with enrolment and finding his way around the campus. 

 Needless to say, his blood sugars were whacky and he ran consistently low all day and had two hypos.  The last hypo occurred just as I was waiting to collect him and by this point he was looking not well at all.  He was very glad to be home and although he enjoyed his day, there were times when he felt overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle.  I am sure things will settle down though given time.  He has English and Maths tomorrow, so I'm hoping he has a good day.

 Just before setting off.

After having dropped Benedict off, Pip, Dave and I travelled the short distance to Barton Grange for a well deserved beverage and second breakfast :-)

 We sent this picture to Uncle Bryan ( who we were visiting later), Aunty Maureen loved butterflies and we knew this would make him smile.

 Retro stand in the cook wear shop.

A pizza tray :-)

Dave and I have fond memories of our visits to Paris, but could not justify spending £20.00 each on an Emma Bridgewater mug ... it was tempting though!  

 And it is that time of year when disappointingly, BG sets to work on the Christmas displays, big thumbs down :-(

Our next stop was a trip to Garstang library followed by a visit to Uncle Bryan.  It was very much a case of, have homeschool will travel.  Pip completed all her tasks, including her main lesson work, English, Maths and German.  Thanks to Eva we have some German resources and Pip did a really great job with lesson one.

After lunch it was time for a walk, so we followed a trail that we used to do with Aunty Maureen.  It was usually a post lunch, "push the kids in the push chair to get them off to sleep walk!"  I don't think Pip remembers the walk, but I reckon Ben would have remembered had he been with us.

 Every time we see a butterfly, we always say that Aunty Maureen is with us :-)

 A chance to talk about our farming main lesson work!

 Well deserved puddle jumping!  Not the best of shots, because I had forgotten my camera, but at least the iphone caught the moment.

Today has been a catch up day and I must admit I am glad that I did not have the drive to college today!  Thankfully Shein has offered to collect Ben tomorrow afternoon which is a great help.  Taking Ben to college and returning home is a 30 mile round trip which takes just under an hour.  


Sarah said...

Ben was telling me about his first day at college on the Minecraft server, he seemed really excited about it. Hope he settles in well and his blood sugars start behaving better!

Eva said...

I hope that he will like it. Do you have to drive every day? Sounds like the distance to our ballet studio. Tell Pip that we also saw some hay in the fields on Tuesday and also some corn (maize) harvesting going on. Congratulations on her first German lesson! Flora worked on her German reading skills yesterday. And we had a very similar butterfly in our driveway on Sunday!

Sandra Ann said...

Yes I think he was feeling more positive when he had spoken to me about the worrying bits. It's a massive learning curve going somewhere new, dealing with the diabetes and learning issues. He enjoyed chatting with you and Aaron on the server, it made his day x

Sandra Ann said...

Thankfully I am only driving twice a week, every day would finish me off! Pip remembered what Guten Morgan meant this morning :-) Lovely to read about the butterfly! xx

dorinalouise said...

Hello San, I see how the drive can be exhausting and how you do make an adventure out of it. Thank goodness the day after is a stay at home day. I hope you can find some driving help. On another note, Benedict's grin says a lot! I hope he finds a good rhythm to the time and enjoys the studies. It sounds fun and exciting and it can feel very freeing to be out and about. Sending you lots of love :)

Kezzie said...

Very well done to Ben for surviving his first day! I remember changing schools from year 11 to A'level and that was scary enough as it is, let alone actually coming from Homeschooling! I loved seeing your photos from the store! I LOVE retro packaging!