Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Is Your Blackout Really Black ..."

... and have you drawn the curtains? 

Yes, we are following the events of the Second World War with particular emphasis on The Home Front.   In addition to our small store of books in the home we will be supplementing from the local library.  We have also been watching a really great school's programme that aired when I was a child, " How we used to live 1936 - 1953."  The programme brought back fond memories for me and Pip was riveted ;-)

Pip learned how to mend a pair of trousers and she wrote a step by step guide outlining what she had learned.  Nowadays we are enthusiastic about recycling or even upcycling but there is still a case to be had for mending an item.  When we mend we are giving that garment a second chance ;-)

 A patch for Dad' jeans.
(note from DH, the first resolution of these pictures for some Blogger reason is poor,
but if you click on them, they become much better)

After having watched a few episodes of " How we used to live," we took our learning into the kitchen and made an eggless ginger cake.  There was even a chance to learn some  science and watch the  bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, mimicking the raising agent of an egg.  Needless to say the cake was also gluten free and dairy free.  We found the recipe over on THE 1940'S EXPERIMENT

 Weighing and Measuring.

 Arial View.

 Rubbing the fat into the flour.

 Yummy served with dairy free custard. 


  1. The cake looks delicious! I found the episode you mentioned on youtube. It's great to see! I'll show Chanda later. We're currently watching a wonderful Ken Burns video series about the Roosevelts. We're really enjoying it. I need to mend Greg's boxer shorts! They always tear along the side seams . . but once I sew them they'll be good for a long while again :)

  2. I love hearing about your home learning! You should read this post by MK http://mkatchris.blogspot.com/2017/05/be-encouraged-you-homeschooling-mothers.html
    This does sound so exciting!!!x

  3. Happy Birthday San! I hope you had a great day yesterday :) xoxoxo

  4. Hello San,

    I have been trying to send you an e-mail, but they all get sent back to me. Do you have another e-mail address that is working?


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