Monday, 15 May 2017

Fun Friday

We had a very unusual Friday full of surprises and fun. 

 First up I had an Instagram message from a blogging friend who happened to be in the area.  We met at a lovely tea room in Beetham, not far from the garden centre of our first meeting!

 Beautiful Celtic Cross.

A cottage that was festooned with foliage and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

 I would have loved to look inside the church but sadly it was closed.

 Outside the tea rooms.

 Inside the tea rooms view one ...

... and two.

 Having fun with the selfie mode on the flip screen, Gerry and Me :-)  Those tearooms are well worth a visit and they offer an excellent gluten free range. Due to its popularity it is advisable to book first!

The blue skies soon gave way to a steady stream of rain and in a last minute decision we hopped in the car and visited my mum for her birthday.  Tesco saved the day regarding the food and we were able to tuck into a decent selection of gluten free fayre. 

A lovely mum, nanna and great-nanna x 

Our third stop was a visit to Kathryn and Mary Grace for tea.  It was good to see them both but the visit was marred slightly by Benedict's blood sugars suddenly becoming quite unstable. As a result we left in haste and I was glad that we did because he had a horrendous hypo attack in the car and was quite unwell.  It really was a relief to be home. 

  Jorgen, a mighty eating machine bones, dog food, cuddly toys and wallpaper!  In short a tiny tearaway :-)  Good job, Kath and Mary love him!


  1. Oh my goodness, good thing you went home. Poor Benedict. I hope everything is better now.

    Your mum is so beautiful and you look so much like her! That is the loveliest pic of the two of you :) What a fun day . . seeing your friend and your mum and Kath and Mary Grace! That is the best. So her birthday is May 12th? How old is she? Did you tell me and I forgot? She's a May baby just like my mum.

    Kathy and Mary's dog is very cute. He sounds big! I also love all those old stone buildings . . churches, cafes . . !

    Love to you all :) xoxo

  2. Another special Mindfulness blog post San :) And the links are very inspiring xoxo

    1. Thanks for reading here and over there :-). Your comments always brighten my day and are much appreciated ❤️ Mum is 78 although I have her permanently stuck around 70! It was lovely to drop by last minute and share part of her day. I am becoming all to aware that life is fleeting and spending time with the people you love is what matters. Hope you have a blessed Tuesday x


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