Saturday, 17 June 2017


This is my new word of the year and aptly describes the current state of play at this end!  In between two horrendous terrorist attacks and a totally bonkers General Election, Benedict and I had our birthdays.  Mine was the significant half a century, *sniff* can I really be that old?!!  In my head I am a mere slip of a girl but the grey hairs and forgetfulness regale a  different story :-)  

I had all sorts of plans for my 50th, some forged two years ago but life issues got in the way and so in the event we had a quiet day at home. The children managed to get through a whole day without arguing and so peace truly reigned at "chez 22" and it was bliss.

   Some of the birthday bouquets.

Two weeks later Benedict turned fourteen on the 11th June: 

 A rather bleary eyed "Benedict Bear" being told to open his cards by Little Miss Organised :-)

Lemon Drizzle Cake for Breakfast.

Once we had washed and tidied round it was time to visit family at the newly refurbished Swan Hotel: 

 Benedict is super happy with his present from Sara and Tom.  Another Nerf Blaster to add to the collection!

 Grandma and MG colouring in some sheets whilst waiting for lunch.  Looks like "butter wouldn't melt" but that "little tinker" led me a merry dance during the course of the meal!  One great thing about grandkids is that you can hand them back at the end of the day, LOL!

My brother ( see the photo below) had us in stitches with a very funny jibe at my dad and his unwillingness to part with money, especially when it comes to purchasing a broadband deal!  My poor mum reads the blog from his smart phone and it is a challenge for sure!

He is seven years younger than me and for his "sins" is head of department for Maths, in an inner city secondary school an hour from our home. He has a cunning plan and hopes for  early retirement at some point!

 Sadly both my mum and dad were unable to make the meal due to ill health and so mum in particular has been waiting for this blog post since last week!  Sorry Mum!

Although the hotel has a five star rating I was very disappointed with my meal and for the third time in my life I actually refused to pay for my meal.  The prices were overrated and the food was not outstanding so I don't think we will be dining their anytime soon.

We have also celebrated another Little Flower's First Holy Communion, which was held at Ladywell Shrine:

 Four little flowers standing in a row.
  Pip is the last to make this sacrament which we have arranged to take place during our visit to Walsingham in August.

 Despite the grey skies on Monday we packed a picnic and visited a local park for a lunch break:

 Pip and Ben eating their lunch on the zip wire platform.  They pretty much had the park to themselves and then later in the visit Pip found a friend.

In amongst the attempts at home schooling, household tasks and coping with ongoing health issues, I have remained faithful to my work hours.  My latest blog post for the website can be found when you click on the red below:

Hoping you are having a blessed weekend x


  1. San! I am so goad you were able to write a post, it does get chalenging doens't it?! (My most recent post can in little bits over seceral days: I just couldn't find the right combination of time energy and health!).

    Happy birthday, I am sorry you didn't get to do your special things -- I had a similar experience last month for my 50th (canNOT believe that is true! I feel about four most days, or at the most 22 ) ... {{hugs}} Wonderful to have time with family :-)

    It has been such a chanllenging time of late, assorted disasters and attacks, the politics. We have to cling to our faith and our families and loved ones. Love and prayer.

    1. Of course, that should say I am GLAD you've written .... typos! Sorry, my hand eye coordination is not the best!

  2. This looks like a nice family get-together! Too bad the food was not good. What did they serve? Did they accept it that you did not pay? Happy Birthday again. What pretty flowers! Mary-Grace is so big already, how did that happen? Happy Birthday to Benedict also. Now he has caught up to Miriam again. Does he like Star Wars?

    1. Yes they accepted that I would not pay. The meal was a Sunday roast and I had lamb, vegetables and gravy. The nest was very chewy and not slow cooked. They did not lose much in their takings since the bill at the end was over £240.00!!

      MG starts school in September. Four already, how time flies.

      Benedict loves Star Wars. In fact he was wearing a Star Wars themed hoody which was our gift to him. All the kids are growing up aren't they? Things will seem strange when J leaves for college but you do settle down into a "new normal". Xx

  3. Hello San, your last blog post for "Mindfulness for Christians" was beautiful and heartwarming. Thanks so much for writing it. Your birthday celebrations sound so fun and I love the pic of Pip and Benedict on his birthday morning (Pip sounds just like Morgana!). I agree with Eva: Mary Grace looks so grown up . . meaning she's not a baby anymore (why on earth would I think she would stay that way?!). She looks so precious . . and Benedict is 14?! That's exciting :) The little flowers photo is really lovely. Does Pip have her dress all ready? I love the pic of your brother! And we're all Star Wars fans here .. Love to all of you! Happy Happy Birthday! Being with loved ones is the best xoxoxo

    1. Thanks for once again reading the mindfulness post :-). Pip is most definitely not a dress wearer, she is so like Sara when she was young! I made her the top she was wearing in the photo so I think I will make a white top in that style and she can wear leggings or shirts with it. Neither will she be wearing a veil! At least she will be making the sacrament :-) xx

  4. I love all the beautiful beaming faces. I think photos of people truly laughing and not realising they are being photographed are just lovely!
    A very happy birthday (belated!) to you!x

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