Sunday, 7 May 2017

Gloucester Part Three :: Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway :: Highfield Garden Centre :: Holiday Knitting and Reading

On our last full day before returning home we split into two groups and went to two different places.  Dave, Pip and Uncle Mike travelled on the steam railway:

 Studying the tea room menu

 Dave's lunch chicken mayo wrap, tortilla chips and side salad.

 Dave messing with the art filter on my camera :-)

 One for the family album and yearly calendar.

 Another art fiter shot using the old style grain effect "film."

 Bye, Bye Train!

Whilst they were at the steam railway, Benedict and I pottered around at the cottage and then visited "Highfield Garden Centre" five minutes down the road:

 It was the first time I had actually eaten a proper meal since the day we travelled!

Once home I sat outside with my holiday knitting:

 I bought this Opal sock yarn from an independent knitting shop in the heart of Gloucester.  I had been knitting on some hand dyed yarn but had forgotten to bring an extra skein and so shock horror, no knitting!!  I was grateful for that trip into town on the Tuesday and by the following day I had made good progress :-)

 By the time the evening had drawn in I had already turned the heel and was working on shaping the foot gusset.

  I had also bought three books from the garden centre, two novels and one very helpful diabetes cook book based on insulin adjustment and low carb paleo cooking for type one diabetes.  The recipes are really tasty but a bit of a challenge since they rely heavily on dairy and eggs, two of the things that Pip and I cannot tolerate on a daily basis.  So we are switching up with some non dairy paleo foods from various sources across the web ;-)

I finished "Pedigree Mum" it was an OK read and I guess you would place it in the chick lit category.  I have read another book by Laurie King and it was a really good adaptation of Sherlock Holmes as a married man to a much younger woman, an Oxford graduate and his sleuthing protege.  Needless to say I am looking forward to reading this one and when I have finished it I will be passing it on to my friend Kezzie, who loves a good murder mystery!

Since returning home I have been unwell with the ususal hassles but I think I am slowly turning a corner.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day and although I am relieved that I have this online work it is also very stressful and time consuming.  Trying to write a blog post for the website is a marathon event of keywords, meta descriptions and the website net nanny checking every word and phrase for readability and search engine optimisation!!  Still it forces me to hone my writing skills and I have even become a little more confident with alterating the exisiting email newsletter format via Mail Chimp!  If you would like to read my recent post on The Mindfulness for Christians Blog it can be found HERE

Hope you have had a good weekend and managed to enjoy some sunshine wherever you may be x  


  1. Your post for The Mindfulness for Christians Blog is truly well done, San. I think I need to implement your list, and I think it will be very helpful. Kudos to you for your hard work and inspiring message :) And your stay in Gloucester sounds like a good balance of fun times and quiet times. You are a quick knitter! I love the greys and blues of your yarn. I'm glad you were finally able to eat a hot meal. Good luck with the diet and cooking. I find it an ever evolving journey. It's nice to have new recipes. I hope you continue to feel better! xoxo

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and offering such words of encouragement. You are not the only one that needs to read that list!!! Gloucester was a really good holiday it is just all the pre holiday prep and post holiday unpacking that wrecks me! Hope you have a good start to the week xx

  2. Oooh, I will try to read your blog post later, only got 2.train stops left so not enough time! The station looks great and I'm glad you manage to get some wool to finish the sock! How sweet of you to think of me with the book. I can't see from the picture which one it is- I have 2 of the Laurie King books already but not read them yet, I do have one that is orange already, so hoping it is a different one! Have a great day!!

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