Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The sun actually shone today :-)

The weather this past week or so has definitely had an autumnal nip in the air, in fact on Saturday I was wearing three layers at one point!  So yay, for blue clouds and warmth today:

 After a picnic lunch the kids set forth and the craft supplies tumbled out onto the lawn.

 This is a really great book.  It is  full of plenty of ideas that make good use of the odds and ends found around the home.

 Pip's elephant with a butterfly trim for Aunty Maureen :-)

 The reward was a well deserved fruit twirl iced lolly!

It has been a busy few weeks with maintenance jobs around the home, crafting creations, a science camp and rabbit trails for the up coming homeschool year:

 Pip working on her wooden Stephenson's Rocket.

 Benedict has taken over the majority of the kitchen chores this summer and he has done great job, roast dinners, casseroles, salads, soups and herb flat breads have been amongst his repertoire.

 Still having bags of energy despite having attended a three day mad science camp last week :-)

 Only a gaming mad boy could come up with this ace idea!

When the weather was unsavoury last week I spent several days in the loft room, sorting through resources and crafting away:

 Three woolly projects on the go, practically unheard of!!  One colourful crochet bag, one lilac jumper and one pair of denim coloured socks.  The socks are knit using the continental method which if you are curious about there are plenty of you tube videos demonstrating this method :-)  I was determined to master this form of knitting as it reduces repetitive strain on the wrists and fingers and I am pleased to report that this is the case.

 Self care that is the question!  I am really working on this one and apart from a late bedtime tonight in order to write this, I have managed to rein in the bedtimes to 11pm at the latest.  This is a vast improvment considering the past few weeks they have been hovering around the 1am mark :-(

 More permaculture ponderings.

Making good use of what we already have.

So, I think that is me caught up with the past week.  We have a couple of day trips planned for the latter part of the week and a cinema treat for Pip and I to see "The BFG" needless to say she is super excited and is counting down the days until Saturday.

Hope the sun is shining on your corner :-)


sustainablemum said...

It has been cold hasn't it! I too am glad the sun has returned at least the forecast is right occasionally. It looks like lots of lovely things have been happening down your way. I too have been going through the bookshelves ready for September, it's never ending isn't it :)

Kezzie said...

The weather was gorgeous yesterday indeed. I'm afraid I stayed in unpacking, washing, putting away and then marathon blog commenting once I realised the dizzy feeling of still being on a boat had not gone away!!! I was soo good with bed times knob holiday and failed to maintain it last night by going to bed at 2! That Hama bead console is very clever, as is the cooking of all those foods. How splendid!!

Sarah said...

Love all the crafting, especially the X-box(?) controller. I'm glad the weather has been better this week, it's been rather dismal recently. Hope Pip enjoys the BFG!

Sandra Ann said...

Sara one of our older daughters travelled to the Isle of Lewis to stay with a friend and her return crossing was horrendous. It took her three days to recover her land legs!! Thanks for including me in your marathon blog comments, you are a dear soul :-) xx

Sandra Ann said...

Yes you got it right an X box controller! We don't have an X box thank goodness, it would be one more area for negotiating screen time!! Hope you are enjoying the weather :-)

Sandra Ann said...

Yes there has been lots of good things at this end, the downside is that it involves lots and lots of driving for me :-(. Yes also to the never ending planning and organising :-) X

Eva said...

Good for Benedict! He is becoming quite a chef. And you are working on some knitting! So nice that you can do three at a time. I only know how to knit with the continental method. Miriam and Flora learned the American (and British) method from Morgana. Miriam can do bith, Jonathan, Veronika, and Charlotte can only do the continental method, and Flora only the American method. Peter cannot knit at all, although Flora tried to teach him the other day. How do you like "The Bumper Book of Nature"?

Sandra Ann said...

Bless Flora :-). The book is good but I must admit we have yet to tackle any if the suggestions!! Wonder if I will manage to do any this year?!!

dorinalouise said...

Hello San, I was just looking at the youtube video of knitting with the continental method. Purling looked a little difficult to me, but knitting looked very do-able. I'm glad it's been working out for you. I tried knitting this way several years ago but felt more comfortable with the way I was taught . . which I guess is the "British" way . . ? Korrina does a funny mix of the two I think, as does my friend Janet. . M, C and I are all British/American knitters :)

Your week looks so fun and I'm glad there was some sunshine to top it off! :) I'm really impressed with Benedict's kitchen talent! That's so wonderful . . especially for you! Lately, I feel very "burnt out" in the cooking department. Morgana has even put together weekly menus for me, but I never really feel like making anything. I usually just throw something together on the last minute these days and it's usually just a protein and a vegetable. I've been trying not to have a lot of starch. We keep sprouted grain bread in the house and others can add that to their meal if they want. Greg usually makes himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich for dessert. He went off regular wheat products to try and lose some weight and it's helped.

I love all your knitting projects, the children's crafting and work projects and your days with friends :) Love to all of you! xoxoxo

Eva said...

I meant to type "both," not "bith."

Eva said...

I got the book from the library, but have not had time to take a look . . .