Saturday, 27 August 2016

Newark and Little Walsingham

I think I spoke too soon regarding an early night last night!  We stayed at a Premier Inn in Newark and although the staff were exceptional the inn was suffocatingly hot due to a lack of air conditioning.  You would be forgiven in thinking that surely a British hotel chain would not need air con, especially since we were experiencing autumnal weather only a few days ago :-)  The reality however is that the rooms have triple glazed windows and are great at retaining heat.  Upon entering the room we were hit by a wall of heat and both kids did not settle until way after midnight!  I finally settled at 3am only to be woken by Pip at 6:30am ready for breakfast.  She lasted until 7am whereupon I gave in and the two of us strolled across to the restaurant.  The Premier Inn chain pride themselves on the " good night guarantee" and if this should not be the case then the cost of the room is refunded to the customer, so a refund was promptly made into our account.

 Playing cards at 11:45pm

 This is actually a control for the heating, but the room temperature felt like well over 30 degrees.

 Blue skies and wheat fields.

 Our cottage in Little Walsingham.

On our way into the big tent.

 Pip asleep during the praise and worship and reconciliation :-)

One word:  AWESOME x 


dorinalouise said...

Dreadful room situation!! So glad you received a refund and I hope all is well right now :) xoxoxxoo

Eva said...

Could you not open the windows??

Sandra Ann said...

We were on the ground floor near the car park so the windows had security locks on them.

Eva said...

Is this very common in England?