Thursday, 25 August 2016

Here, There, Everywhere

Last week we were out of the house every single day and most of my time was spent up and down the motorway.  We had one disastrous journey on the Friday whereby a one hour journey did in fact take over four hours!  In amongst the travelling we also had a freezer breakdown, so yes last week was certainly eventful :-)

Pip completed the second part of her Mad Science camp this week, which gave me the chance to catch up on laundry and packing.  We are currently in Newark on our way to this festival in Norfolk tomorrow. The festival lasts until the Monday but we are staying until the Thursday.  The journey down was a bit tortuous in parts with poor visability, rain and water spray from the articulated lorries, boy was I glad to finally stop the car for our overnight stay!

Here are some photos of the past week:

 Benedict over the moon, a room full of Lego and a Lego computer game!

 Lego Wii after a long while jumping up and down on the trampoline!  One very tired and zonked out toddler!

 The long awaited BFG cinema trip :-)

A felted phone case for me and made by Pip

 One Little Flower birthday celebration and a long hoped for ...

... our generation doll.  Each of The Little Flower girls now have a special doll of their own.  I think we will be busy crafting sashes and dresses for these Little Flower Friends!

I think I might actually manage an early night for a change which is good since we have another busy day tomorrow, a museum trip and the last leg of our journey.  We also have WiFi at the cottage so I should hopefully be able to daily blog; the only time I manage to blog regularly is when we are away :-) 


Kezzie said...

I love to see the happy faces of the children!!x

dorinalouise said...

You've been busy! The doll is lovely and the phone case very pretty :) The freezer break down and the traffic situation do not sound fun and I hope all is well right now at the festival :)