Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Fr Simeon :: Sheringham

The littlest member of the tribe aged two really does think he is a priest and becomes quite disconcerted when he is unable to be on the altar with the other priests!  Without further ado meet Fr Simeon:

 Once he had delivered his early morning blessing he returned next door for breakfast with his mama!

After mass in the village we drove to Sheringham which is a forty minute journey from the cottage.  Our first stop was the bucket and spade shop!


 Walking down the main road leading to the beach:

 Access ramp leading down to the beach:

We realised pretty quickly that the beach was not going to be accessible for Dave and coupled with no shade, definitely not MS friendly, so the Mums and Kids decamped and the Dads spent a happy time sightseeing and eating crab sandwiches and chips!  Fear not we swapped part way through and Kara and I had a quiet time perusing the shops and enjoying a mid afternoon cake and tea :-)

A Dad camera walk:


 Pip was definitely the resident water baby!  Once she had been given the green light after lunch there was no stopping her and she remained in the water until the tide began to creep up the beach.

 Two crazy dudes!!  Benedict for some wierd reason suddenly has curly hair just like when he was a baby :-)

 Someone's hard earned effort about to be washed away by the sea.

Another steam train visit, sadly they were too late to catch this last train, maybe next time.

A diesel for now...

And finally the steam train!

 Another decorative wall on a walk to the sands:

A changing sky just before a fish and chip supper:


 Kara loves the arcade games so we stopped in one on our way back to the car.  I surprised Benedict by offering to play a "shoot-em-up" game based on The Terminator!

 Fr Simeon was not so saintly by the end of the day, he had fished in his mum's trouser pocket and promptly desposited some money in one of the grab a toy arcade games!!  Totally hilarious :-)

 Two happy girls with their matching green bling necklaces won on the 2p machines, strategy and perseverance was the name of the game!

 A gluten free ice cream treat on the way home.

 Saying goodbye to Sheringham.

A totally fun filled and happy day.  We were out at the sea side for over seven hours and a great time was had by all.


Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful day, your photos have captured it so well! xx

dorinalouise said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! So great!!!!!! I had to laugh when you joined in for the Terminator game!! Very daring of you San! Love Benedict's curly hair! Fr Simeon is too cute! I envy Pip's all day swim! I always get too cold and never can stay in the water as long as I would like :) The murals are splendid and a great way to dish out the history. Crab sandwiches sound so delicious and arcades look like fun. What a great trip. So glad everyone got to walk around the village but still enjoy the beautiful view of the beach. I still haven't posted my pics. I've been working on putting together a year round lease for my mom's house on long island, and getting the car re-registered and trying to figure out chanda's school and ballet year. I am determined to post this weekend :) love to you all xoxo

Eva said...

Beautiful pictures, Dave and San! What exactly is "crab dressing"? The whole place looks so British, but at the same time reminds me of Northern Germany. Must be the closeness to the North Sea. Oh, we visited the Draken today! That is the largest modern Viking ship that just sailed across the Atlantic Ocean! It was so neat. It fits right in with your Viking ship murals.