Monday, 13 June 2016


Our day began with the fable "The crow and the pitcher."  I used the guidelines provided by the Waldorf Teachers' website as a starting point for our discussion and the re-telling of the story.  It was interesting to see Pip reach her own conclusion about the importance of water and the message behind the fable.  She had great fun re-enacting her own version of the story and learning about Archimedes principle of displacement.

 Water in the glass.

 Add the stones and the water level rises, clever old crow!

 Water Play.

Pip's interpretation of the lesson and the story.

 A water colour and pencil drawing of "The Crow and The Pitcher."

Whilst we were working hard the heavens opened and the rain came tipping down!  It bounced off the driveway, dirt spattered on the front door and the back garden lawn was awash!  

 The front drive.

 The back garden lawn and conservatory steps.

 Water for washing up.

Water for cooking lunch.

She also enjoyed watching two episodes of the long standing children's programme, " Come Outside" with Aunty Mable and Pippin the dog.  Sara used to watch this programme when she was five and she'll be twenty seven this year!  Pip's alter ego is Pippin the dog :-)

Come Outside ~ Water.

Come Outside ~ A Rainy Day.

Pip also helped make celery and sweet potato soup for lunch, followed by Singapore Maths and subtraction and addition number cards.  Her well earned reward was some time on the computer playing Minecraft.



  1. What a great lesson day. I love Pip's drawing and I love how Aunty Mabel flies that plane! The celery and sweet potato soup sounds delicious :) xoxoo

  2. What a great learning day, I love how you have drawn all the threads together.

  3. I love Come Outside...I forgot about that show! Henry used to enjoy it, and I'm sure that Freddie & Winnie will love it; thanks for the reminder xx

  4. Lovely hands-on learning, I'm sure that's a lesson she will remember well!


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