Saturday, 18 June 2016

Midsummer Fairies

It was Pip's fairy day today.  As always her best buddy from school and her younger sister attended as did two other recent friends, one from Brownies and the other from Mad Science.  It was three hours of crafting, outside games and eating a yummy picnic lunch:

 Twinkle left a Shrinkles Fairy Bead Set and a box of make your own Brilliant Hair Bands.

 Pip received two extra treats a fairy figurine from B and a fairy princess book from DM.

 Decorate your own fairy cakes activity.

 Plenty of icing and assorted sprinkles :-)

Whilst I was making lunch the kids went outside and played a variety of Sports Day activities:

 Egg and Spoon Race.

 The sack race which I am sure is now banned in schools due to health and safety reasons!

 They had a whole heap of fun jumping up and down!

 Toss the bean bag into the ring.

 The three legged race.

After lunch the kids finished their shrinkles bracelets and then just had time to work on their flower garland headbands.  Two little friends stayed on for a little while longer which meant that C and I could have a chat and well deserved cup of tea :-)

 Three little flower fairies and two of them not wanting to go home!


  1. What a wonderful day! This look so much fun!!! I love all the sporting events and of course, I love Shrinkles!!x

  2. What is a fairy day? It looks like a wonderful time was had!

    1. Pip is born two days before Christmas and so we decided when she was born that we would celebrate a fairy day around Midsummer. She looks forward to it each year :-)

  3. What a great day. Had to laugh at your sack race comment . . so true, I'm sure! We always did sack races at Morgana's annual May Birthday parties that we used to have. Your yard looks so pretty and I like seeing the wash hanging on the line next door . . It's nice. Sadly, no one hangs their clothes out here anymore. I used to do so when we lived in Brooklyn and I had access to an outdoor patio. I miss that! Happy Solstice :)


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