Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Gratitude List

I cannot lie.  The outcome of the EU Referendum has left me reeling.  I voted Remain even though there are parts of the EU that I do not agree with such as the unnecessary waste within the goverment departments and the pressure on faith schools to promote certain practises that are not in line with church teaching.  This is contrary to the original ethos of the EU which was to promote a moral and stabilising force in addition to supporting peace, solidarity, subsidiarity and to improve living and working conditions throughout the member states.  Over the years there has been too much emphasis on economics and so the original vision has been diluted over time.  These concerns however pale into insignificance when it comes to the reality of our current situation within the UK.  Our country is in a crisis, the political parties that are meant to govern are feuding amongst themselves, Scotland quite rightly is now calling upon another referendum to divorce itself from the UK as they voted overwhelmingly to remain and even London wants to remain part of the EU.  We have also witnessed the worst of society which culminated in the death of Jo Cox MP for Batley and Spen who was murdered at the end of her surgery and since Friday there have been physical and verbal assaults against anyone not deemed "British."  The far right "Britain First" neo nazi party have called for the repatriation of all foreigners and quite rightly so many folk are frightened indeed.  In short I am ashamed to say that I am British.

As a Christian I know that God calls me to reach out to those in need, to love my neighbour, help the oppressed and in short be that good samaritan.  When all was falling around me on Friday He graced me with a passage from scripture during my quiet time in adoration:

 God is good!

So without further ado here is my list of thanks this week:

Glastonbury is on i-player, it's the nearest I'll get to ever being there :-)

Pip finished another set of Singapore Maths books so we will be consolidating what we have learned and then moving up to level two at some point during the week.

I managed to get both kids to mass today, now THAT IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE!  Pip and I attended St Joseph's this morning which included children's church.  Benedict and I went to the Cathedral this evening, I cannot remember the last time him and I were on our own!

I've got back into the swim of things quite literally which has included an extra swim and pool physio lesson before the usual Wednesday swim meeting.  That extra half hour session really made a difference to not only my swimming but also the pain in my back, right shoulder and knees.

Carrying on with the exercise theme I have even hopped back on the exercise bike, 12 km travelled each night after tea.  I use this time to catch up with you tube subscriptions and so I don't feel bad about screen viewing during this time.

Dave has been having reflexology sessions at Slynedales and we have noticed a small improvement in his walking ability as each session and week goes by.  He also finally had his first session with a neuro physio on Wednesday.  She is working on strengthening his leg muscles but as we suspected his upper body strength is really good, he uses his arms to really pull himself up the stairs.

Whilst Dave was in his physio session, Pip and I walked to the Royal Voluntary Service cafe for an ice cream:

 " Cheese, mummy!"

On our walk back we also spotted this interesting landing place:

The helicopter landing pad!  It was only after I had taken the picture that I had noticed the sign that said, " no unauthorised personnel" oops!

We were treated to really gorgeous weather on Thursday and spent the day with some home ed friends at Holker Hall.  The kids had the play area to themselves leaving the parents to chat and drink tea!

 Butternut soup and gluten free bread.

 A discussion about which ice creams to choose, it is a very serious business making the right choice!

 Gorgeous blooms!

Pip learning to play the harmonica.  We have been treated to its melodious tones at six in the morning!

Looking at these pictures has really lifted my spirits, so a timely reminder to keep looking for the joy ;-)



  1. Ha, ha, more later, but Flora is doing exactly the same thing: playing the harmonica all the time!

  2. Oh San, I wish I had something brilliant and insightful and just exactly the right sort of supportive to say .... The referendum vote ... Sigh. Watching the early returns, seeing Leave was ahead, I just knew the news we'd waken to .... What a difficult situation. I do empathize. Here in the US indvidual states are almost like mini countries in many ways, with various laws varying wildly feom one place to another, so if you move a ross country you can find yourself living under quite a different set of laws .... Anyhow, a few years back when we tried to recall our state governor is revealed deep deep, truly awful divisions within our state, the vote was very evenly split, we had incredibly high voter turn-out and it didn't go the way I wanted and hoped for. The laws this man has passed have had direct, ruinous, very real world every-day effects on my family's life (and the lives of everyone else here too of course). Anyway, I just want to say, I do understand. It's an upsetting time. {{hugs}} and prayers, and a gratitude list at such a time is wonderful :-)

  3. You are right that we need to look for the good and that which we are grateful for at times like these. I too hope that the situation with our country can be turned into something positive but I think it will be a while before it does. You do sound like you have been really busy I am glad to hear that life is good for your all right now!

  4. Dearest San, We've all been so heartbroken here over the outcome. We have followed it closely and I have been reading article after article in the NY Times and in the New Yorker. Unfortunately, I don't feel our country is in a good place either. It's a terrible feeling. I have also been trying to focus on the positive and say my prayers for love and guidance for us all. I will read more later and write again to you. I just wanted to put in a quick note to say that we have been thinking of you and your beautiful country and hold you close in our hearts. xoxoxoxo

  5. So nice you could make it to church and take the children along. The swimming also sounds pleasant. Dave must be happy that the therapy is helping a bit. Peter never thought that Britain would leave the EU. He was very surprised. And finding the right ice cream flavor can sometimes take hours. I know how this goes.

  6. That is a lovely list!!!! I know, I am so shocked too!!! The worst thing is, I know a few people who voted leave and I have found it really awkward talking to them- I've just had to avoid the subject!
    Great Bible quote too!x


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