Monday, 20 June 2016

Waldorf Wanderings

The day began with the usual routine of maths followed by an activity of your choice and Pip chose to work on Scratch computer coding.  She worked well with Dave whilst I was being prodded and needled at my acupuncture session!

After a quick outside recess and an apple snack, Pip and I settled down to another main lesson fable entitled "The Wind and The Sun."  We read the story from the Waldorf Teachers Website and once more Aunty Mable came up trumps!

The Windy Day.

We both enjoyed watching the programme and then we discussed the moral behind the story. Pip did a great job explaining that the wind seemed to be quite proud and boastful and the sun was soft and gentle.  The sun won the challenge and so the lesson learned was first impressions can be deceptive and that nobody likes a boastful person!

We had rain first thing this morning but by late morning the wind had successfully blown the clouds away and so a windsock craft was the order of the day!  I found a really useful idea that also linked in with pre first communion preparation and so it was a win-win situation all round.

 Sharing is caring ~ we share with others just like Jesus shares His love with us and Himself in the Eucharist.

 A waving wind sock.

 Paper fronds fluttering in the breeze.

It was then time for another weather story, this time it was, "Katie Morag and The Tiresome Ted."  Since the stories are actually based around the Isle of Coll in the Outer Hebrides, there are plenty of geography links dotted around the internet. So whilst I was gathering resources, Pip went on a rabbit trial of her own:

 Working Hard.

 Pirate Pip, complete with the latest fashion accessory that every self respecting pirate needs ... a telescope attached to your hat!  No more last minute hunting around for that lost telescope!

Two fun filled Monday's in a row, totally pleased :-) 



Kezzie said...

oOOOOH SO MUCH FUN!!! I love to hear of the activities that you do with Pip!!

Kezzie said...

And Scratch is really cool!

sustainablemum said...

A great idea to focus like that for one day of the week, a lovely idea and I love what you have been learning together.

dorinalouise said...

Fun days, San! I love the wind sock and the pirate hat and telescope!

Sandra Ann said...


Sandra Ann said...

Thanks for your encouraging words :-)

Sandra Ann said...

Pip had fun making the hat ensemble :-)