Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day

I sometimes think that a day for parents is a bit over rated and is primarily a chance for the greeting card and gift industry to turn a profit!  That said with a bit of forethought and planning a lovely day can be had without breaking the bank.

Pip made some bookmarks and a star card when she was at school and Benedict remembered that Dave had a liking for iced coffee, so with money in his pocket he walked to our local Starbucks seller for a treat for his dad. Kathryn and Mary Grace had sent a lovely text message and a super cute personalised card.

We managed to speak to both our dads and the cards and chocolate treats were a real hit.  Dave takes his job as a father seriously and managed to remove a bumble bee from the conservatory, it reminded me of the time when my dad completely emptied my bedroom in order to catch a very big spider.  It was either that or me not sleeping in the room that night!!

We have had very changeable weather but the clouds finally rolled away and we ate our lunch on the decking at the bottom end of the garden:

Pip took Timmy doll for a walk in the Maclaren pushchair, we bought it when Benedict was six months old and he turned twelve last week!

Whilst Pip had her fairy day yesterday Benedict had fun with Debbie and her lads, they saw the sponge bob movie, pottered around town (she bought him this Star Wars set) and then they went back to her house for lunch and Lego building.

            Dave's coffee treat.

   Mixed Salad, Croutons, Butter Beans and Chorizo.

                       Mr Man and me.

Doing the dad thing playing swing ball with Pip.  The kids were also great in letting the aged parents rest after lunch and Dad is now having some much deserved workshop time.  A grand day at home.


Eva said...

Happy Father's Day, Dave! Peter always says that Hallmark, the card company, must have invented these days. And happy birthday to Benedict. He does look older. So nice it was not raining.

dorinalouise said...

such a great day! greg is also very cynical about father's day, but i agree with you that it can be very nice with small thoughtful gifts and cards. i usually manage to get something together, or remind the girls to, but i didn't this year. chanda pointed out to me that morgana is usually the one who remembers, and i noticed that she did send him a gmail wishing him a happy father's day a few days ago.

i love all these pics. it's so nice to see. your backyard is just lovely.

morgana just texted me! she's just getting up and i should be sleeping but have been putting up a few blog posts. tsk tsk . . i shouldn't as i have been up late the past few nights . . haven't been able to sleep . . maybe excited about m coming home :) but i need to be up early tomorrow with chanda. she starts her ballet summer intensive at abt. i hope you are sleeping well!