Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Fairy Day

As is customary, every year at midsummer we have celebrated a fairy day for Pip.  With her actual birthday two days before Christmas it all seems to pass by in a blur, so the midsummer solstice proved to be a very good time for a half yearly celebration.  There is only one other person that is allowed to celebrate in such a way and that is the Queen!

The day began very early with Pip waking at 5am, not through excitement but just her usual " I am ready to start the day mindset."  As per tradition, there was a present from the fairies which she managed to build,  until she reached the tricky part whereupon Dad's skills were called in to play:

By breakfast time the grey skies had given way to a light yet persistent drizzle but that did not dampen our spirits!!  I had set out the craft items in the caravan the night before so the morning was spent making the party food.  Pip joined in with the making of the fairy cakes:

By noon our guests had arrived and we all sat down to a help yourself lunch of sausages, sweet corn fritters, salad, baked beans and cheese jacket potatoes, followed by chocolate fridge cake and fairy cakes for dessert:

After lunch the girls enjoyed making a fairy dell complete with a flower fairy and her house, a Brachysome "tree", a mini washing line, a pistachio shell  path strewn with fairy dust and a wheat grass meadow waiting to grow:

The sun is shining and all is well x 

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  1. How cute! We will put out food for the fairies tomorrow and hope the thunderstorm that is in the forecast for tomorrow won't hinder us.


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