Sunday, 7 December 2014

St Nicholas Day

Our St Nicholas activities were spread out over two days since Pip was away for most of the day with her Rainbow group.  In addition to a book each and chocolate coins Benedict and Pip woke to these two helpers sitting by the hearth:

 Two Jule Tomten

Pip's book was this one and Benedict's was this one

Pip and I made our St Nicholas biscuits after lunch today:

 Look who is helping ...

 ... her new friend.

 Santa and his sack.

 The finished yummy biscuits.


  1. What a fabulous wee friend Pip has! The biscuits look delicious... Perfect for dunking :)

    Hope this finds you all well.
    Lorna xx

  2. Ah so lovely! I was admiring a tomten elf in one of our local shops on Saturday xx

  3. Ooh those biccies look nice San! Love the little friends too, that one looks very cosy in his back sling/nest! xxx

  4. I love the Tomten elves! We made some biscuits too, yummy!

  5. Hello San, Happy St. Nicholas Day! It's almost Santa Lucia Day now! I just returned from my parents' new senior housing apartment. It's a very nice space, and I hope they can acclimate themselves and be alright, but it's so hard to do when one is so . . . much older! It's really not easy for them and I hope my sister and I have done the right thing. My Mom did agree that she wanted to give it a try . . so we'll see. Thank you so much for your prayers :)

    Pip is so cute, and your St. Nicholas celebration looks so warm and inviting; a really nice day. I see sunshine in these pictures! Your house gets beautiful light when it shines! We've had a very grey and cold week with some snow. I haven't minded. Chanda and I enjoy the winter, and our local meat market owner says he loves the wintertime also :) Not many people do.

    Enjoy the holiday time. We're into our Nutcracker weekend. I'll try and post updates. xoxo

  6. I just discovered this tomten post! How cute! Do you know the books by Astrid Lindgren about Tomte Tummetott?


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