Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas caught up with me this year and this past week has been a bit of blur.  There have been times when I could have cheerfully hid under the duvet only to resurface somewhere in the middle of January!! Despite folk shopping til they dropped I found it incredulous that Selfridges were boasting the biggest online sales on Christmas Day! As usual the shops were heaving with shoppers on Boxing Day too so sadApart from the occasional pint of milk or loaf of bread from the local co-op I have stayed well clear.

Our Christmas Day morning consisted of a cooked breakfast of ham and cheese omelettes, followed by heart shaped ginger biscuits, served with Christmas tea.  Benedict and Pip opened the presents that were under the tree and whilst they were ploughing through the Lego sticker books, I steadily worked through my packing list for our stay at Kathryn's.


As expected the journey to Kathryn's was uneventful as the roads were virtually clear, unlike our visit to friend's on the Saturday before Christmas!  A journey that would normally have taken 40 minutes took three times as long and we were crawling along the motorway at 5 miles per hour as opposed to the usual 70!!

 Opening presents at Kath's.

 Mary Grace on her sit and ride scooter.

 The fold up table and chairs from the caravan came in very handy as overflow seating!

 A very hungry MG tucking in!

It was a lovely shared effort between myself, Kath and my Dad.  The portion sizes were just right and that meant most folk were happy to snaffle a second small helping of their favourites!

After lunch we visited Dave's Mum and Dad and stopped for a light tea of soup and trifle.  Once home the littlest ones were settled and Benedict stayed up for a little while watching some old Christmas shows from the 70's!  Good old BBC usually manage to weave in some re-runs during the course of the Christmas break.

On Boxing Day morning we spent some time with my parents and then arrived at Dave's parents in time for lunch.  Dave's mum did a sterling job of organising, cooking and serving lunch for eight:

 Conveyor Belt Cooking!

 Turkey, Sausages wrapped in bacon, carrot and swede, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, my left over nut roast and braised red cabbage.

The weather was particularly grey and there was a constant stream of rain throughout the day.  Grandad kept the kids entertained and when it was time to go home, Kath very kindly took Benedict and Pip with her and MG so that Dave and I could have some down time with his parents.  Mind you we did our bit later in the evening when, Kathryn went out with some friends once MG was asleep!  

On the way home on Saturday we spent some time with Sara, Tom and the Grange clan!  Tom's mum bought me some lovely wool, Dave was given some home made sloe gin, Benedict a meccano style steam engine and Pip a flower fairy craft.  

A view from their lounge window courtesy of Benedict and look blue skies!

We arrived back home just in time for a quick tea and whilst I was unloading the car, Dave kept Pip busy with a dinosaur make:

A funny, scary Pip!

Yesterday I spent the day at Leighton Moss with Pip and my friend Sallie.  We were greeted with beautiful blue skies, but boy was it cold!  We sang the song, "We are going on a bear hunt!" and Pip also followed Bertie Bittern's Christmas Trail:

 Clue number three, there were nine in all.

 Frosty Toad Stools.

A rare sighting of the Pipling bird, found roosting in the Tim Jackson Hide!!

Today has been a day of cooking and planning.  With a bit of luck I might just manage an end of year photo review tomorrow :-)

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy time with family. Now time for a rest?


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