Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Making and Baking

In amongst another bout of sickness for me, I have been busy with advent crafts, Pip's birthday prep and edibles which were shared at last Saturday's make and cake.

 24 mini advent stockings for Kath and Mary Grace.
It was a close call but I managed to get these in the post before the 1st December!

 Cooking with Benedict.

 White chocolate, peppermint shortbread.

 Cinnamon rolls for St Lucia day.
These were a real hit with the kids and I did manage to find the English translation for the St Lucy song, but both Pip and I were not well enough to sing it!  Maybe next year :-)

 A family favourite ~ star mince pies.
We also dropped some of these off to our homeopath, who was involved in an accident on her bike and suffered several fractures :-(

In addition to all the regular house hold stuff, craft making for the shop and Christmas prep, there was a note from school late last week concerning a CAFOD fundraiser.  It was a wear a Christmas jumper day and make a donation to this Catholic charity.
Cue mum working hard in the loft room, but the smile on girlies face was worth all the effort:

 A Walking Nativity!
'Cos Jesus is the reason for the season, right?!
And the extra bonus was winning first prize in her year group.

Every year I try to keep things low key but every year I get caught up with all the external pressures and like others I feel frazzled with it all.  I wouldn't mind but in the real sense of the word, Christmas is actually more than just one day!  It is a season lasting from the day itself to the epiphany on the 6th January, so a whole twelve days of celebration.  So I am trying to find a small oasis of peace in uplifting music, wise words and appropriate programming, in short trying to make the most of advent.


  1. San,

    My mouth is watering just looking at your Christmas baking! I've never tasted white chocolate peppermint shortbread. It sounds (and looks) delicious!

    You are so creative. What a great walking nativity jumper. I fear I wouldn't be able to come up with a suitable jumper at such short notice. Actually I don't think I'd be able to do it even if I had much more time.

    I feel in the Christmas spirit just reading your post. Enjoy the last few days of Advent!

  2. Great work on the jumper, San! It is definitely a first prize jumper. xxx

  3. Dearest San, We keep on keeping on :) I hope you are feeling better now. You are such a wonderful Mum, making such a lovely holiday for your family. You're right that it isn't easy with so many outside influences . . school, good friends to see, extra events to participate in . . everything making the days a little stressful, but also special. Congratulations on the dress! It's beautiful, and Pip's smile is the real prize :) I send you lots of love and a big hug for this holiday time . . I'll be thinking of you as I also try to get so many different things accomplished! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I am sorry to hear you have not been well again. You have been so busy tho all those socks! They look amazing. You are very talented to produce what you do epsecially with everything else you do too!

  5. The walking nativity is funny and original! Would you like to come here and start the baking? I have only managed to bake one batch of cookies for my German students. Miriam is begging me to bake, but I have not found a good time yet.

  6. P.S. I am glad you got rid of this "code business." Now it is so much easier to comment :).

    1. That is totally weird! I haven't had a code verification on the blog as far as I am aware. I wonder if there has been a glitch at googles end? How long has the code been on?

    2. I have always had to enter a code to leave a comment here. Just last time I did not have to do it.

  7. Wow San - that is a stunning jumper! I love it - you are so cleaver! And all that baking... yummy. I see that we both make our Christmas mince pies the same way ;) - lovely little stars.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! X


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